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Wyze+KB - MC Burial(ayzee diss

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Author Comments

So I recorded this, and asked Billy to mix it for me, and he got hyped and added in some crazy shit. Ayzee, you're done. Get the fuck out of here.

My Lyrics are as follows:

Another wannabe rapper is stepping up to play
When he's about as hard as a chocolate souffle
This Tuesday, you better be outside at 2 A.
M, so I can elect to create doomsday
Verbal Armageddon coming fast and furious
My lines leave your ass dropped, confused and curious
You're delirious, picking fights? You can't be serious.
It's so clear to us that you best be fearing us
You'll meet your end from any one of my clique
Spawn, Billy, Gasmasq, you're even BN's bitch
Defend this, better yet, let's see your assault
I'm using capoeira all you do is somersault

Little bitch acting like he deserves respect
But when I'm done with you, you'll be left in neglect
Don't act nervous, we already know your worthless
You serve no purpose, so you're going below the surface
But maybe, lately, I've been going crazy
But that ain't gonna stop me from destroying mista ayzee
You got your auto tune set wrong, fuck man, that's lazy
Wouldn't bump your shit, even if you paid me
So take me, one on one let's do this
You'll get ripped to shreds, but that's okay you're useless
Can't rap, can't sing, can't produce for shit
Craving attention like some stupid kid

Hip hop's been dead because of bitches like you
So best believe after I handle my business we through
So you think you're the shit? I bet after some lessons
You'll probably still be crap without passing through intestines
I'll grab you by the neck to tear your head straight off
Internet thug, we all know you're way soft
You must be a joker, you make soulja boy look like a lyricist
So I'll shove a knife in your mouth and ask "why so serious"
you got split personalies, what are you, two face?
Next time come harder than a squirt of tooth paste
Some poetic justice, but oh shit what's this?
He's pulling a gun but he's to scared to bust it

West Coast! Get your mother fucking hands up
West Coast! Screw those mother fucking handcuffs
West Coast! You know we got your man stuffed
So how the fuck you getting away with two stepping on my mother fucking
West Coast!
Ya, you messing with the best,
How you reppin the setting of the birth of the west
You from Los Angeles? The city of angels?
Nah you're a fake dude, living in fables
Attack me, I turn tables, strangle dumb fucks with cables
So you want to fight? Come take me if you're able
Beefing with me is more dangerous than lake placid
Dump your whole head in industrial waste acid

Thanks to Bill for the Hook, and the mixing, even though he says it was no biggie.

Beat is by shadowvill productions, promotional use only

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man this is fire! i dont even know who this kid is but he is no more! haha
keep doin it wyze

Blasphem-E responds:

Thanks dude. Good to hear from you again

dude just stop

please just stop the like half marshall mathers half juggalo act and stop like for real i'm no perfect mc but you definately aren't
i suggest you ghost write for someone because your rhymes aren't half bad but your delivery is fail

Blasphem-E responds:

Lol. haha, you're a funny dude


seeing that billy was on it.. I was expecting it to be hot.
I dunno mayne.. there's just something about this track that Im not feelin'. Maybe it's ur delivery. The hook was straight though

No disrespect to any of yea, just speaking how I feel


Blasphem-E responds:

Well, thanks for stopping by and reviewing

yo homie

aint heard u b4 but i like dis so ima keep listenin good job

Blasphem-E responds:

thanks for the review, gladyou liked it

tsss it's hot off the griddle

Had to drop a point because of your inconsistencies between verses. On the first and last, you're more yourself, but the middle two you're soundin like some horror-core shit, which I think fucks up your delivery.

Don't get it twisted though, I've yet to see a diss track on NG that's this hard (including mine). You fucking destroyed lyrically, but as usual, your multi-take, multi-style fucks with my listening experience.

Mad props to Bill on this one as well. That was a gorgeous hook, and the mixing was 98% top notch. (Still, I gotta rep for my EAST COAST lol)

El musica esta muy bueno!

Blasphem-E responds:

Lmao, weren't you from Spokane? How's that East Coast? And if I remember right as well, you were in the south before that, not the east. But I may be wrong.. Probably am lol.

Ya, you're like the 5th person to tell me not to do that growl shit. I should probably cut that out in future.

I'll try to be more consistent for all future tracks, but I can't guarantee one take. However, I can try to keep it to the one sound.

Bill killed the hook and mixing, that's for sure.

Glad you liked it overall though man. Well, if the score is any indication haha

Credits & Info


4.21 / 5.00

Jul 1, 2009
5:41 PM EDT
File Info
3.8 MB
4 min 12 sec

Licensing Terms

Please contact me if you would like to use this in a project. We can discuss the details.