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/Revelation of the Machines\

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Revelation of the Machines [Complete]

Finished version of the original WIP I posted here. Worked on this a good amount of time. Hope ya like it!
(or at least I hope it does better than the WIP). Please, Please, PLEASE! Review!!!

DJ InTheDark

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i dont know about the name

though you'v said yourself thats not your strong suit...great song, makes me imagine some epic struggle er somthin... but i gotta say, i hate wat you did in the ending, it leaves you wanting more then BLAM, its over. I NEED CLOSURE!! and the begining does indeed grab you by the balls, dont know if thats what you were going for, but if so, congrats!


Scared the crap out of me at the beginning because I had the volume real high for this quite song and then it just blasted out my ear drums. Very cool song. You told me in a review response that all your other stuff was junk. This rox however. Someone should make a flash animation of zombies rising at the begining and then attacking a town. Very nice song! Faved, Fived, & Loved.

djInTheDark responds:

Actually I said "its all mostly junk," but who's trying to be literal? =) Anyway, glad you like it, and sorry about any cause of hearing loss. I think when I was making it my speakers were a tad to low, heh. Thanks for the review, glad you enjoyed it, and thats a very interesting idea about the zombies, I'm gonna look into that...

DJ InTheDark

not bad

I enjoyed the song with a minor exception.
The beginning was very nice and kept tempo very well throughout with this one exception at around 3:00-3:10. It seemed to break in too quickly and left my "Trance" to fall flat and have to start again.
I am not entirely sure if that was intentional, (seeing as the song is named Death can't Stop Us) and meant to cause the death of the trance or not, but if so, well done in that effect.

As for the repetitiousness of the song, as stated by havok-demon, one of the key aspects of trance, is a sequence of beats and rhythms to make the listener go into such a trance-like state. So contrary to his review of that aspect, i enjoyed the song.
keep up the great work!
I look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

djInTheDark responds:

Its always good here several different points of view. And its very true that trance can be extremely repetitive (due to the fact that I'm a DJ and I've heard trance trance tracks that go on for hours with the same tune). And about the falling flat part, is actually a technique which is much like any other song that uses things like choruses and verses (usually several times in a single song). Which, honestly isn't the best idea for electronic music without vocals, so yeah.

Thanks for the very helpful review!

DJ InTheDark


Sorry that people dont review much these days, i would imagine that would suck, so many people listen to these songs, and just sit there without reviewing, how are you to know what they're thinking?

Anyway, i thought it was a fantastic song :)
The build up was nice, the middle was great, not too repedative, not too overboard, i think about near 3/4 of the way it started to get a bit repedative in a bad way, only a little though, still a great song :)

For me, because of the repedativeness of trance, it was just way too long, the average human attention span is like 3 minutes, 5 minutes just made me go "Huh?"

But fantastic job :D
I am pretty sure i listened to your WIP on this and rated it badly actually.. I can't remember though, oh gosh, how bad am i, i have a horrific memory and i'm lecturing about attention span.
But anyway, off topic, great job, keep going, love ya :)
Right, peace out.

djInTheDark responds:

Finally, a smart person! Jeez why has it taken to long for one of these wonderful people to come around!

Well, now that I'm done shouting at the general public. I would like to sincerely thank you and congratulate you on this amazing review of yours, I don't think I've heard better (and I'm not saying that just cuz you happened to give me a 10). Its nice when somebody can give me some ACTUAL feedback, rather than listening for 5 seconds, voting (rarely), and then walking away. Oh don't worry about it, we all have those days.

Atleast SOMEONE knows what they are doing!
Thanks a hell of a lot!

DJ InTheDark

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Jul 1, 2009
11:39 AM EDT
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