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This is trance.....

add me as a fav artist if you like it:D
Reuploaded of the old track

about 7 days in the making
built out of the "-=Blue=-" track
software: Ableton Live 7
21 channels
133 BPM 4/4
6 lead synths: 4 main 1 low pluck and 1 arp
2 pads: 1 sawy and 1 warm
3 bass synths: 1 sub and 2 mains
4 drumracks: 1bass drum, 1 for claps and snares ,1 for cymbals and 1 for percussion
2 audio channels for loops and effects
2 orchestral: 1 string and 1 cello
and finally a white noise channel


About the only downside...

...is that the lead saw is a bit too...brutal. I don't know how to describe it. It's dropping the baby instead of gently setting it down. See if lowering the higher frequencies (Around 6000 Hz and higher) a little helps.

it is me again

Interesting opening that my body reacted to but then it went into void to ressurect again but without that much soul. I don t know if it is truly closer

Z-Tone responds:

yeah its better in my opinion atleast
but your completely entitled to your own ofcourse:D
glad you liked it and hope you check out some more of my work

sounds smooth

Smooth is good to me! so its a great trance.

I also appreciate you inputting the specs of your song, I have SONY ACID and it helps me feel the song better , I hope you understand ;)

well anyways, the song sounds very professional and the sounds do not sound like those typical generic trances songs.
Great song,
- Ezamrik

Z-Tone responds:

no problem dude:D
and thanks for an awesome review:D
here on after i might put specs like that on all my songs since you said it helped:D

It'd actually be pretty sweet for a club beat.

The melody after 2:00 was the only thing that bothered me. You should not have made the rhythm just plain quarter notes. You should have mixed it up a little bit to give it a kind of satisfying dancy feel (You should have put the mix up in the area where the pitches changed). The instruments were perfect for the job though, couldn't have been any better actually. Thats my only fret with this song. Fix that up and it'd be perfect for a club dude (not a five star club though). The music kind of reminds me of deadmau5 actually (If you dont know who they are I suggest you figure out ASAP).

P.S. Thank you for putting white noise in there, it wouldn't be the same without it. People don't usually know how important it is in these kinds of songs.

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Z-Tone responds:

duuude you must not understand trance:D
i listened to it after putting it only quarter notes.....SUCKED really sounded like some hands up track made by basshunter....unless thats what you have been listening to then you like hands up not trance (here its called dancemost of the times)
again trance track not dance the most change is in the beat not the melody it self make the progression to the build up worth the wait
ohh and by the way there are going to be vocals (essential for this type of trance) but that wont be uploaded here
and before you review another trance track listen to artist like rank 1, flutlicht and maybe some of the armada label
anyways thanks for the review
hope you take the hint:D

Pretty awesome!

This is pretty awesome in the simplest of words. Love the breakdown as well. I'm new to Trance, but this sounds nice.

You should listen to my only Trance song when you have time! Of course, I think this one is better! 7/10

Z-Tone responds:

thanks man
nice that you think its better than your own work:D
you should check out some of my other work if you enjoyed that one:D

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Jun 29, 2009
10:08 PM EDT
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