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its obviously not done yet, but i think its good for only an hour and a half,
i used maximus, so please tell me if the EQ sounds off, so i can tweak that.
please comment and vote fairly,
that will be all.
oh, and this was inspired my SkatingIsGenetic's song Monophobia(kaybaby)
you can find it at http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/243621


7-2-09 about 2 AM, on and off, i finished another part of the song,
so, do you like?
its not very polished, so you can tell me if it shouild go or not.
i dunno, i like the chorus, but the lead-up doesnt sound right to me,
does anyone else hear this??


7-5-09 about 11 pm, i worked on and off and tacked on a second verse and chorus to add to the body before the break/bridge,
i didnt use maximus this time, because its more filtery that way, but that could change.
i havent added atmospheric elements(ambient shit) yet, its just the main tune and some effects.
please tell me what you think so far!!

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Great job on the song once again I'm always digging your tunes. I felt like it was little to quite though. I don't really have anything to say about this song but it sounded really good. Also the bass drums are cool sounding. Sorry for the crappy review I'm really tired. Also what program do you use because it seems like an amazing program and if you tell me fl there's something wrong with you.

kjhsdgf responds:

oh god.
it's fl, i'll go see a doctor right away.

nice flow

It's slow, easy going and it works well all in all! 5/5 10/10

kjhsdgf responds:

thanks, broseph!

D-I-G-G-I-N-G _T-H-E_D-R-U-M-S_

yeah i can't top the comment below but its very freeform and the main melody is nuthing short of amazing, it sounds so damn nice.

kjhsdgf responds:

thanks for the words of encouragement.

very creative

I love your sounds here man. you remind me of two of my favorite electronic artists on Newgrounds, crud and jim-ether. first visual that came to mind, a bunch of sea creatures swimming in outer space...while I sit back and watch from my spacecraft/restaurant/hotel

the beat is really creative (i love how you divide the rhythm parts that would normally be part of the bass-snare-hat beat and place some of the notes on abstract drums such as the 808 snare rims and clicking and synthetic open hi hat sounds) and got my head in a groove, great work with the patterns, and the subtle glitching FX. In fact I think you did an awesome job with including a wide array of effects all around. I really like the main heavily reverbed synth and the melody line that plays throughout, works great against a hectic background. The lo-fi arped sound paired with it compliments the main melody nicely and the bassline works wonders. Sounds like you've even got a small pad/hit (or is it just an "artifact" or feedback from one of the synths?) to fill the gaps in certain places.

I give you an 8 because some of the EQing needs some work. On the drums, I felt like you made some attenuations that were too big, sounds like you might have been "smiley face" EQing and leaving some important parts out- the filtered sound definetly worked here but IMO its overdone. Like Reaper83 said, you might just be subtracting too much of the derivative dry sounds. Sounds like you might also be looping all or most of the drums in one mixer channels, as they all feel to me like theyre sent through the same wide automated bandpass filter, so if thats the case I would devote more attention to processing the individual drum sounds after youre done sequencing the beats. more specifically i feel the snare could bleed through the mix in parts. The sub is also massive (which sounds overall sweet), but that area is a bit clogged, so I would go through some of the other mixer channels and high pass the lower freq ranges that arent exactly needed.

-I would also give that pad/hit sound more stereo depth, add a bit of EQed high range to round out your sound.

-for the ending, you could loop right into what content you have in the intro, and then work in that airy atmospheric elements you talk about in the comments, and slowly fade the drums or continue to add more FX until it becomes a garbled mess, and just end with the synths playing your theme ideas. just an idea..

so great style man, keep up the good work and genuine creativity! keep experimenting, you've got a unique and interesting style.

kjhsdgf responds:

yeah, i made the majority of this song when i was extremely inebriated, and didn't even give it a second look before posting each update :P
yeah with a lot of the "smileyface" EQing, i used peak controllers instead of autoclipping it, so it's not very synched, and i didn't spend too much time on EQzing, i guess i shoulda done more of that (although i'm not very good at EQing, seeing as i'm self taught, but i'm looking at tutorials)
i like your ideas, and i would use them, but i lost the soundfile when my old computer had to be trashed (i couldn't move files, it was really bad),
so now i have a better computer, but none of my old songs are there (and i had a good number of songs, too).
that's why i REALLY hate how i got some attention for this song after it got deleted.

i think....

i think the bass sounds a bit to high, u need to lower the basss part of, not in volume but eq, other then that pretty good

kjhsdgf responds:

thanks for the review!
actually, i think that the bass sounds good when it sticks out,
i'm a bass kinda guy,
but thanks for the suggestion!
and thanks for the review!

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Jun 28, 2009
9:45 PM EDT
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