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Wyze + Gas - My Friend

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Author Comments

A remix/addition to gasmasq's track - My Friend. Beat is by Shadowville Productions.

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Great Track!

his is also used by ViralofAME
Where you get these tracks from?

Blasphem-E responds:

from Shadowville beats

Word @ da Wyze

Lovin the lyrics as usual here mayn. Really though, I wish you wouldn't get so frustrated when you're recording, and could just sit, chill, and take a deep breath before you record so you can drop it in one take. Regardless, you really added a different feel to this song. You took the sort of "plot" and created the logical continuation.
"My breath, naw fuck you, it no longer flows
And if I die tonight you'll have to deal with my ghost"
Fucking awesome man.

I don't KADIEEx just made it obvious that she doesn't know wtf she's talking about, because I'm pretty sure she mistook me for you. I don't think I'm actually nasally? (DENY DENY DENY NOOOOOOOOOOOES!! lol) Silly little 16 year olds get SO pissy when you correct them eh?

lol make sure that drill's turned on when you fuck her and her boyfriend with it haha

Blasphem-E responds:

lol, she was just pissy because I called her an elementary school retard or something similar.

And haven't I explained to you why I don't do shit in one take? I've got that trachial stinosis, so if I were to do that, my breaths (which aren't actually bigger than anyone elses) would come out MUCH louder than anyone elses.

Also, the line was "My Friend, nah fuck you, we're no longer close", but that works too :D

Good working with you again man


Gasmasq's part seems to have some emotion in it; the listener can kinda of feel his desperation. Now, Mr. Wyze... You're part is alright, but there are some issues with the flow and tone. At times the flow feels inconsistent and rushed (rhythm man!). To jump on this track after Gasmasq, you kinda gotta follow his mood; I didnt get the same feeling from your take, you need some depression in your voice. Sell that pain to the listener!

I consider myself an artist. Some would call me an Art teacher. You should continue to make music because you are continually improving your skills with music. I wish my learning curb was as steep as yours has been lately. Like damn man, you're making impressive tracks, and on a regular basis. You got passion to make music, so keep making it!

Word to the Wyze: The best art comes from the heart. Inspiration is your only drug. and fuck ms. KADIEEx in the ass till she bleeds!

Blasphem-E responds:


Ya, I had tried to get some emotion, but unfortunately (or fortunately) I just was feeling too happy that day. was hard to get in that sad mood I was in when I wrote this.

Thanks for the review man


I got it deep, no one should fuck with me
i told you, internet drama
is a very gay thing

the only response i want to this review
is an adress
see what kind of beef we get then bitch

Blasphem-E responds:

LMAO, you want to have a real life fight over a review someone gave you over the internet? What the fuck? That's just some dumb shit. You're only proving that you don't think you can take me lyrically.

Am I wrong? Prove it, in a track.

"Word to the Wyze"-

^ See that's clever.
Unlike you-
I'm an artist.
You should do the opposite of your lyrics-
& "give up"
I'm not just here to talk shit on your track.
But seriously man,
This shit needs work-
There is no consistency-
The flow & beat are boring as hell.
Your buddy, the nasely fellow-
Flonase does wonders.
You really have no authority down voting anyone's music.
Especially since you consider yourself a musician.
This is the most sad excuse of music I've heard on this website in awhile.
You need to recognize talent, and give this sick hobby up.
Four minutes & ten seconds of hell.
I just don't get it.
How anyone could bag on anyone else's music,
When this is so miserably pathetic.
Instead of posting 49 or whatever shit ass songs,
Sit down, work on meaningful lyrics, a beat that makes people want to listen,
& Your flow.
Whatever money you're gonna spend on this album you're making.
Save it, buy yourself a clue.
And learn how to make good sounding music.

But who am I to say,
My boyfriend found me in a "elementary schools and/or mental hospital."
So I must be clueless about the music game,
Because I wasn't raised around a musical family or anything,
Nope, I just chill in elementary schools, and nut houses.

Suck one, Jerkoff.

Blasphem-E responds:

lmao. Go suck a dick. Question, how the hell are you going to call a shadowville beat boring? You're just blind hating. Which is dumb.

Let me put this simply to you, he was being told real problems, and was being a bit of a dick while dismissing issues raised by buddies of mine, so I figured a change in tactics was necessary to get through to him, but instead you guys are just going to get all pissy.

TL;dr version: Take a look at your boy and his attitude before popping off at me.

Credits & Info


3.07 / 5.00

Jun 28, 2009
2:44 AM EDT
File Info
5.7 MB
4 min 10 sec

Licensing Terms

Please contact me if you would like to use this in a project. We can discuss the details.