Epic Battle Theme by:TM132

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Well i think im gettign better i just threw this together in a short amount of time so its not the best it could be but i like it please leave a comment and tell me what i could improve on constructive critcisum please =)


Not quite Epic ^^'

This isn't so much a battle theme as it is background music in my opinion. I don't know where I would listen to this though. I almost want to say temple but it seems just a bit upbeat for it, if you know what I'm saying.


You can't "throw something together" and call it "epic". Take your time, and show some respect for your work. This piece could have potential... build on it, and try again.

Tankman132 responds:

this was like my second time ever using fruity loops or any other music makign program

Review it

To start I'll tell you that this review will be pretty negative. Don't bother about it, it's all about helping you get better.
To start of, the melody is rather dull and doesn't seem to follow any chordprogression. The best way to start a melody is to build around a chord progression. From this track I think you probably haven't learned about them. I believe you should reading up about it.

Second , listen to that rythm. It just goes du-du-du-du. Try using some variation. Keep it from getting boring. try adding a chord. Layering notes. Experiment with velocity.

Third. You really want to add in some percussion. Especially if you want to call your song 'epic'. A good percussion build can make a song much better. Most software doesn't include a lot of drumsamples so I think you should check the internet for some.

You probably didn't use the mastering aswell. experiment with reeverbs, delays and filters. Try creating automation clips.

The lenght is too short. Even for a loop.

Overall this doesn't stand out at all. You need to get some tutoring about music theory. Keep sending in tracks to NG. With some luck you will get more constructive reviews and will learn from it. If they just bomb you without reviewing , contact me and I'll be glad to help.

Greetz Duba
Feel free to return the review.

Tankman132 responds:

Thank ill do that wow its nice that people are actually commenting whith some information i really appreciate it =D

nice but...

the loop is nice but... it would be nicer if you put in some violin for the epic feeling.

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Jun 27, 2009
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