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Peril: T-Minus

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This is my first submission on newgrounds in about 1.5 years. I got sick and tired of only uploading demos and previews of songs, only to disappoint and never upload the full version. So here you go: A full song in every way. I realize I still have much to learn in the way of making songs, but this is a step across the threshold as far as production goes. This song is also the first part of a series of songs I plan to upload over time.

I spent about 7 good days compiling this song and getting it to sound as good as I possibly could using - of course- FL Studio 8. I hope it doesn't sound TOO much like it was produced this way, and if it does, that's a problem to me. If you have any recommendations on making the sounds sound better, feel free to leave me a comment; I don't care how harsh it is, unless it's just mindless bashing.

At any rate, please give this one a good listen through before you make your decision; I did my best to appeal to the quick-listening audience and satisfy the deep audience as well, with many different changes in sound and drum style. Let me know what you think! =)


So let me get this straight...

The Peril story goes T-Minus, then Distant Star, then Free Fall Artist, right? Because just like the Coheed and Cambria albums, I like to listen to the story in order. This is another excellent piece of work.

mr-jazzman responds:

Yes sir, you've got that correct! And I may be revamping these old versions with my new skill, and producing more. Don't worry man; more is on the way! =)

do the robot...

hey can you try to make an improved version of the experimental halo thing i wanna see if you can make it much more awsomer. anyway i love this song as much as the other perils keep up the techno work. the end reminded me of halo so that's why i wanted you to make a improved "experiment"

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mr-jazzman responds:

Dude, glad you asked. I think that's actually gonna be my priority number one now, seeing as I have like no inspiration to write anything new atVm =`( Oh well. Inspiration is fleeting with me; it comes on strong, but leaves with a gaping hole of disappointment. >sigh< Oh, wait, I thought you were talking about me and my bro's collab for a sec. Btw you should check that out; it's called Halo: Lone Rider. The second version is way too noisy, so we're gonna go in and redo the whole thing. And yes, I can probably redo my Halo Experiment. We'll see lol. ;)


Amazing. I recently discovered your work, and you've quickly become one of my favorite artists not just on Newgrounds, but compared to professionals. You have serious talent. Are you planning to release a CD?

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mr-jazzman responds:

Dude, I've actually heard that before lol, about the CD thing. I've shown some of my friends the stuff when we do hookah, and they're just like, "Hell yeah! I want a CD, man!" I'm actually seriously considering it now; I've even got somebody who wants to make an album art cover for the Peril series right now lol. So, in essence, I guess my answer is yes, I eventually will release a CD, but the release date of the album is unknown at this point. When I've got about 10 good songs, I'll let ya know and you can get it (I'll remaster some of the songs I've already made and I'll put some stuff on there that I won't release on NG as a full version, etc.). Thanks for the review again man, I'm really glad you like this stuff, and I'm flattered by your praise! =)

I am speechless

I never knew some ones work could end up so good. The beat is so awesome, I am speechless. If this is a warm up for you, I will be fainting at all of your other work because this is so hard core. What makes it more surprising that someone commented that this was Fl studios? If it is I am Amazed.

mr-jazzman responds:

Yes sir, this is most definitely from FL! ;) But trust me, it took me quite a long time to learn how to do everything. (and I'm still learning about mastering a bit =P) I'll fill you in on a little secret my friend: The trick is to STAY THE FUCK AWAY from all of those preset loops that FL comes with lol. That's because everybody uses em, and they're loops. I actually had to go in and make the drum parts myself, which makes it all the more awesome! And I didn't realize how heavy the bass hits until I put this song in my car; I thought it would be utter cheese lol. Well, I guess I was kinda wrong.

And I'm tellin ya, if you're speechless now, wait until just after Christmas. I've got some stuff up my sleeve that will absolutely blow your mind away!

But anyway, very glad you liked =) It's been a while since someone's left a comment, and I appreciate it!


Holy s***.
THIS is drum n bass at its best.

mr-jazzman responds:

Thanks man, glad you liked. ;) And don't be afraid to check out some of my newer stuff either =) I just recently made a song for Halloween, in case you or anyone else is interested.

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Jun 27, 2009
1:48 PM EDT
Drum N Bass
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