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Photon Flight

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The name?... Don't ask. Review please! thanks!


Close to what I'd like to use in a Flash. Close.

Originality: Sounds familiar. Like something upbeat by Aqua or that Crystal Pepsi Commercial. You know what I'm talking about. There's probabaly a name fo that Genre, I just don't know what it's called. So sorry if this review is extremly noobish. You sure this is Trance? I think of this as more Techno.

Diversity: Moderate. (If I understand what is meant by "Diversity.) The song goes more or less exactly where you'd expect it to. No real surprises except for the pitch bend at the begining. The steel drums were a nice touch that added diversity, as was the pause where only the main melogy line remained. Said Melody doesn't really do anything impressive though, as other instuments fade in and out. It's like the song is all chorus, albiet competently remixed chorus.

Clarity: The main melody line sounded kind of harsh, like it was overpowering the softer synth in the background instead of complimenting it. Maybe if the pitch of the main melody was an octave lower, it might have sounded better to me, or maybe another insturment is just in order here.

Effort: Again, I'm not a musician, so I don't know how easy or hard this song may have been to make. It seems relatively simple in composition, though. It has a lot of insturments, but they're all pretty much doing the same thing, and they just fade in and out.

Overall: I like the perky, 80's shoot'em up style. It doesn't get all jiggy with the sharps and flats like the Japanese shooters I crave, though. The main melody... does techno even have a main melody? Well, let's call it the loudest insturment. The loudest insturment steals attention away from the composition as a whole, instead of smoothly integrating. It has a good beat to it, and would be decent for a Flash game if it looped better. For an animation, I am thinking it lacks enough diversity to add to a story. It might be adequate for a fight scene, though. I voted a little high overall because I like this style, and I want to encourage more bright, perky music like this on the portal. This particular track could use some retooling, though, but that's just MHO. I hope my review makes sense to the author. I don't know the correct musical terminology to express my opinion.

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WOW! call me a fan or whatever...

Geeze listening to this song was even better to the ones i heard a few minutes ago from you! I expected your songs to be somewhat alike but to my amazement you have a wide spectrum of techno songs! Great job hope you go far with this.


It has a nice tune and beat. I like it. Keep up the good work.

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May 23, 2005
1:09 PM EDT
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