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AUTH - Trwyty2

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I didn't really know where to put this, so I'm putting it here since it was inspired by a New Wave song. :)

I made it originally as a loop, but doubled it and added in a few notes for the transition to make it smoother.

How I made the song: As with all my music, I suck at it (epic noob). So I piece it together as a Midi using Noteworthy and then port it into Reason, & tweak. I then go back & forth between the two until I get what I suppose sounds good. I'll be honest - I really don't know a whole lot about music. I couldn't tell you what notes are what, give an example of a happy or sad chord, or anything for that matter. But I know what I like to hear & I learn by doing, so I have been mainly following Through Hell & High Water (Merlinsbeard) and trying to make a song that sounds similar to his, and this song is no exception (Trwyty2 was inspired by 'Save My Life' - (http://www.newgrounds.co m/audio/listen/219448).

This is my first project to share publicly, so be gentle! But by all means, let me know what you like or don't like - I'd love to get better so let me hear your thoughts/opinions on instruments used, transition, too uninspired, etc. I'm thirsty for any advice and/or critique I can get. Thanks all!

- Auth

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Hypnotic and incredible

I cannot stop listening to it; it pulls me into it from the start. It sounds like it would be perfectly in place for any of the desert levels in Mario, and it intense while also very calm. Astounding. It is almost a year old, but is not outdated in any way.

Awesome job

Reminds me of something I might here in a video game, like a boss fight, or some other intense scene. I love how you incorporated the bells and piano. It sounds kind of repetitive, but I don't mean that as a negative comment. I only mention this since I wonder if maybe it would work better as a loop? Either way is fine, it's just you originally made it to be a loop, and in the end the final product still sounds like it was meant to be a loop. I guess it's longer than your average loop, but big deal, I've heard longer loops. Regardless, I love it. And for knowing so little about music, you did an amazing job.

Also, maybe I'm missing something, but what made you decide to name the song Trwyty2? Does it stand for something? Because in it's current form, the title isn't pronounceable, looks like you smashed the keyboard. No offense, I'm just curious as to how you came up with the title.

Auth responds:

Thanks! To answer your questions:

- Yes, it was originally made as a loop. This was my first submission to newgrounds, and I didn't fully understand the loop vs song concept when I uploaded it. So yes, it's a loop that's roughly 1:36 long. Perhaps if I get unlazy I can change it/upload the loop one day.

- The name of the song did actually come from just hitting some keys, because I couldn't come up with a name. The 2 at the end was added because I like saving my songs as new files as I progress, in case I mess it up so I can go back if needed, so the file name was 'Trwyty2' and I just kept it. I pronounce it "twirty two", even though that's not how it's spelled.

Thanks again!


First, this is a time when I listen to this type of music, and as soon as I stayed hooked! :)

Auth responds:

:D Thanks!

Nice dude.

Super pro! This is goin' in my favorites! I think I'll download it and listen to it when I'm playing fighting games. For some reason it reminds me of Dhalsim from Street Fighter... This should be his stage theme... yep... actually you know what this reminds me of? Ok stick with me here... a ninja in Egypt fighting mummies and regular people with machetes and things and he's totally owning! When suddenly a giant colossus (think Shadow of the Colossus) rises out of the sand and is just stompin' on like a thousand mummies every step... (there's alot of them) but this ninja is still like owning and kills this colossus with out breaking a sweat. Afterwords he's soaked in blood and he looks behind him quickly and dramatically into the desert heat (so it's all wavy and stuff) and like 50 other colossus's rise up and a like a huge (like really fuckin' huge) army of the dead are charging at him (oh and there's still a shit load of mummies) and then there's just like 15 minutes of ownage and then there's like tank-mechs or some shit... HUGE TANK-MECHS

Auth responds:


Haha, thanks for the awesome review!

Really cool

Very nice. I don't have much to say about this except it sounds really cool and actiony.

Auth responds:

I'm glad you like it! I must say that I honestly wasn't expecting this song to be so well received. Thank you!

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Jun 24, 2009
8:02 PM EDT
New Wave
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