Horatio Shades

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I tried doing something like Little Wing, then this happened.

Please.. listen all the way through before you vote...

EDIT: I changed some drum beats here and there, extended a riff or two and made the intro and outro more formal. No new EQing done though, yay! The muffled sound isn't an effect, it's a manifestation of my laziness!

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I thought it was gonna be a really nice track, but then you brought in that fast guitar which completely contrasted with the slow drums and bass.

However it got a bit slower after that, and sounded really great, until it suddenly ended, which didn't sound great..

There was a bit too much cymbal work going on, but that didn't spoil it.

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Sawdust responds:

Yeah, I agree with you there, I'll make the right adjustments some time.

(title in work)

This was a pretty strange track I think. The guitar in the beginning sounded completely out of place. It sounded like it was a completely different BPM than the drumming in the background. Not to mention that it sounded just like Daft Punk's Aerodynamic there for a second. After about 30 seconds this song seems to go a bit smoother, but still throughout the song the guitar just seems out of place in a lot of spots.

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Sawdust responds:

Thanks, I'll change the intro then some time

Pretty good

Pretty good job with this one man, really sounded cool. Though I really liked the beat, it was clearly hearable in most parts, but wasnt that strong and let the melody play out, which is pretty common in rick songs, but it sounded very well done, nice job with that.

If there was one thing that I didnt like about the song, it would be the cymbals, they didnt sound that great, in fact they just made the song sound worse because they didnt sound like they were being hit correctly to produce a nice and vibrant sound. Next time I would advise you (or whomever played the drums) to hit it on the outer rim of the cymbals so it produces a nice and vibrant sound.

Other than that man everything else was great, the guitar sounded awesome, I really liked the solo from 2:12 to 3:07, really sounded awesome.

Good job here man, 5/5 from me, keep up the great work! :)

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Sawdust responds:

Thanks! I'll make sure to keep that in mind when I'm changing this up!

Needs a little mastering

Firstly, I'd suggest that you tell your drummer to try hitting something else with the cymbal - it makes a much nicer sound if it's coupled with a bass drum, or even a snare. Save the lone cymbals for the big finish, when every cymbal on the kit get struck about 20 times within the space of 30-40 seconds.

Great metal sounding guitar, as you run up and down the scales. A lovely sound that does sound a little metal.

The mastering work is required, because it's slightly static at the upper end of the guitar notes, which is a shame.

The ending was slightly too abrupt as well, but other than that, it's not bad at all.

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Sawdust responds:

Lmao this was all done on FL, but that's a new good piece of advice, which I'll make sure to keep in mind when I'm editing this thing, thanks a bunch!

Not bad

This is quite good. The sound is a bit muffled, but it has it's own charm. The intro is nice and it kept me listening, waiting for the things to come.

The main riff was nice, too. But the hi-hat seems to be all over the place. At least it sounds as if it is being hit at random intervalls... at least it doesn't sound that good.

The little solo bit is awesome, but you should work on the outro, it just stops in the middle of the note.

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Sawdust responds:

Thanks for the advice, and sorry for the late response

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Jun 23, 2009
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