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Jun 21, 2009 | 12:41 AM EDT
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Rated 1.76 / 5 stars
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Hip Hop, Rap, R&B - Hip Hop - Modern

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Song Credit:
Guerilla Foco Clan

Produced by Damon Nash
Artists Performing-
Damon Nash


Ima keep it thuggin
while you haters keep frontin
cause we'll never stop
keepin it straight thumpin (x2)

[Damon Nash]
Ima keep it thuggin
and ima keep it thumpin
cause all you fuckin haters can do
is keep frontin
ima blow ya fuckin ear drums
make ya damn gears run
flip it, rip it, kick it to ya,
lets make it clear son
Im detrimental, monumental,
like a samurai,
but im armed with a pencil
aint new, but im fundamental
on an elevated mental plain
straight outta H-Town,
I get insane
aint no foe can complain,
cause with my Clan,
we eat your brain
so they say im kinda vain
but in this game, all you weak MC's are to blame
givin strength to my game,
my rank gains a name
"The Emperor of Terror"
and i aint stayin plain,
so check it, cause GFC's takin over
more epic than Homer
and more unique than a clover

Ima keep it thuggin
while you haters keep frontin
cause we'll never stop
keepin it straight thumpin (x2)

[Damon Nash]
Ima vicious blend of styles
that'll leave you in denial
and if you can't stand my smile
put me on trail
cause im guilty of this crime
of rippin fuckin rhymes
and makin my beats
such a feat, to lift you to sublime
I'm a stone cold producer
with a vision of the future
i came in this game to reap the fame
call me "The Seducer"
I'm the son of the Devil
a leader and a rebel
with the beats so hot,
they'll make you stop
and say, "He went and raised Hell"
so i get kinda boasty
with a rhythm that gets toasty
but a demon gets to feindin
when them bitches wanna roast me, HAH
so you can't blame me for gettin kind of arrogant
i work hard, ain't got room for any errors man
ima keep it groovin, movin like a carravan, yeah
ima hard act to follow, my skill is hard to swallow
but the rest of my clan
is about to launch just like the Apollo

Ima keep it thuggin
while you haters keep frontin
cause we'll never stop
keepin it straight thumpin (x2)

Let's go
Electronic, flossiphonic comet,
the dominant prophet, the sound is symphonic,
content that's ultrasonic
systematic skill since i was embryonic,
and we gonna keep it bangin man,
and nobody can fucking stop it
comin direct with the south sound that you detect
and you're the type that we reject, don't mean to disrespect
we always bringin you the quality that you expect
we hear tracks from artists today
and we just press eject
and im notorious, so i kick it with the infamous,
you can never get with this, because i predicted this
but listen to this because im a gangsta that's articulate
too legit to quit, make a promise and i commit to it
and im tellin you,
GFC's too dope for the radio
this is Chess White
and im wreckin these mic's with my crazy flow
and im about to school these fools
about the way that we roll
and how we stay swervin, but maintain control
we not bro's so this aint a fuckin fraternity
we just sayin rhymes that will echo in eternity

Ima keep it thuggin
while you haters keep frontin
cause we'll never stop
keepin it straight thumpin (x2)

Everybody in the industry wanna get the milk and honey
I only care about the music
and i say, "Fuck the money"
and i dont have a stage name,
cause my name is Chess
and im about to demonstrate these skills that i posses
cause im a soldier with the same struggles as common people
and im not rich, so im never treated like an equal
these people got stacks of money
but i got the knowledge
and it's a struggle for people to graduate from college
and we be jumpin in open houses
we keep it bumpin
speaker boxes be bangin bass that leaves your ears thumpin
old school like cadillacs with candy painted rims
these rappers stiff as trees so we breakin limbs
creative logic, puttin weed smoke up in the air
spittin rhymes that our competition just can't compare
and they oblivious to intelligence, they unaware
we dangerous to these MC's, they better say a prayer
and we dont really give a fuck about how these rappers do it
im stone cold on the microphone just spittin this fluid
the reason why we-



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice egyptian feel

I like the funk drums with the Egyptian feel to it. The overall mixing is very good, and sound very professional.

The only "beef" I have with this song, is that sometimes the vocals sound like their out of sync, only very rarely, and only by a very little bit.

The vocals are too loud as well, they drown out the rest. The vocals at 2:30 are the best, they aren't too loud, and don't have that distorted effect the rest of the vocals have.

Not too bad. But the vocals need some work in my opinion.


GuerillaFoco responds:

yeah, i mix my songs on a pair of crappy headphones, so its always a real pain to get the vocal levels right. But i didn't add any distortion effects on the vocals, with the exception of the "never on the radio" part on Chess' 1st verse. However, ill look into it.

Thanks for the input.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

nice and i was the first to rate

nice beat and really smooth raping in the song :)

I will give u a 10/10 for this :)