Dream Kingdom Trilogy E!09

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Originally, I placed three, individual songs on NG to tell a story. So, I have decided to piece them together and tell the complete story in under 7 minutes. The tale begins as a king-to-be and his chosen beloved are off to get married directly after his coronation. Young Prince Zmed and Gwen his bride-to-be, head off through the forest to make the DREAM KINGDOM CORONATION by sunrise. While on their way, they are warned by white wolves that the trolls have attacked the Sprite Kingdom...also under the domain of Dream Kingdom. Young Prince Zmed and Gwen follow the white wolves, hurrying to aide the Sprite King and his community. It is now closer to dawn as they help the Sprite Kingdom defeat the trolls in a triumph later to become known as FOREST OF THE ELATED. With that battle behind them...Prince Zmed, Gwen, the 2 white wolves and the Sprite King travel to the edge of the forest where Dream Kingdom angels lead them to the coronation and wedding...closing with SOARING ARPEGGIO ANGEL. Please enjoy DREAM KINGDOM TRILOGY in its entirety.
Peace Yo!-EMUZIN



Sounds like some grand SuperMario Games x]

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Emuzin responds:

Hey there MeskySaber...thank you for your review and video game music comment and compliment...some of the new WII and XBOX Mario game music is incredible...Mario Galaxy is pretty cool....unreal when you have to play your character upside down....anyway thanks and sorry for the long delay in answering.


Pretty good but the drums overpower most of the harmonies. Later on in the song the harpsichord is a bit clangy. It needs a little more bass, and some volume tweaks. Nice layering though. Just needs a few more things to smoothen it out.

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Emuzin responds:

Thanks again for the review. As written above...this was originally placed as three separate songs. They all did well individually and it was time to put it together.

alrighty then.

Definitely mastered too heavily. At first anyway. The second section has much more headroom and is nicer to listen to but the vocals in the third seem to suck all the headroom right out of the mix again.

The percussion feels awfully thin, the kick and snare are especially weak and GM sounding and fall well below the volume of the string sections and vocals when the attack should be well above them. There's no stereo imaging either so they feel even more flat and inhuman.

It sounds and feels like you've taken three different audio files and crossfaded them instead of taking the three pieces and creating thoughtful transitions. Compositionally the three are good and they're thematically similar but they need something more to tie them together. In fact if you got these three audio files which were already mastered and then put them together and mastered them all over again that would make for a pretty bad lack of headroom.

As three seperate tracks the composition and arrangement in each is fairly good. The way you've attempted to turn them into one track isn't working for me and there's a lot of things I don't like about the mix in general, some of which might just come down to a difference in how we work.

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Emuzin responds:

Isn't it great what an old-fashioned tape-recorder and aux cord direct to the computer audio import can achieve.

this song is pretty awesome

these songs seem like good video game themes but i also noticed you might have added a little too much treble on the first one and the sync got a little lose at some points but on top of that these are good themes

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Emuzin responds:

Hey Krssvr....great to hear from you. I caught and voted on your last song entry. I am still banned from the comment area though....Thanks for the review and score. Peace Yo-EMUZIN

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