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Grunties Lair -Orchestra-

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Author Comments

Oh and about the AwkWard.. Saxes ...I tried my best not to make them this way i could have used a brass in their place..But they add a Creepy feeling to the song like 2 of Grunties hinch men who dont know how to play saxophones in the right pitch theres my reason i made the strings make up for it ...
Ill edit it if needed..

Version 2. of Banjo Kazooie:Grunties Lair Orchestra- I am Doing what Nintendo Cheapness Wouldnt do :D
Or more like what rare Did DO for Banjo Kazooie Nutz And bolts But they didnt Remake Everysingle Song Which is what i am working on.
Hope you Like.

I am Similtanously Doing Alot of Remakes In Orchestral Like Score yet Maintain The same Layout But with Better Diverse Instruments think of it has "HD" Remix of the games and how they might sound although not has much i want to do i could do or want to do. But I did my best this and has the rest of the games song will go into one Big Album Seperated of course Once i am done with them all.
it may sound a bit overwelming at start that is what i wanted to go for then the middle when the choir and music box comes in i found it more fitting like How Scary Grunties lair can truly be!



I understand liking the awkwardness...but if you fix those saxes....omg omg omg omg it'd be even better than your previous orchestration of grunty's lair. i NEED it for my ipod dude. omg omg omg. seriously my favorite song

BowserThedestructive responds:

=[ ] it took me for ever to get it this way..but im too lazy to try to fix ...ill instead do another version.

that will be X2 times better... or ill try to fix it but give me some time PM so that i can remeber sense school is starting it will take sometime to get a fixed one.MK :C

i have much better instruments now So Ill Orchestrate it a 2nd time and make it alot BETTER and sound ALOT EPICER Ok.. =D and not use sax ill make it just for you =)

Banjo on crack?

It's okay but alot of sounds intertwine and make it weird it's as if Banjo ate one of those cotton puffs that make yoshi high but I'm downloading it anyway all I can say is just tone down the echoes and fix the pitches of a few things and you'll have a great song...


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BowserThedestructive responds:

eh i know ;p

A bit odd

it sounds like the strings are a bit weird. They don't fit in, they are a bit too slow i think... Other than that, GREAT!

BowserThedestructive responds:

i wanted them unique so to speak so thats why also there not just strings there known has pizzicato strings then the actually strings you hear is string+ violin thanks for your opinion :} and review

is it just me......

or is every note sounding kinda off??? like off as in nothing coaborates? or even has the same tone? the main musical score is off kilter in the beggining. and alot of the different instrumanetals are off key with the rest of the song. i admit it's a nice thought, but try to synchronize the tones and notes more and you might have it.
i give it a six for effort

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BowserThedestructive responds:

Well I Did this on purpose No one likes Complete Midi rip offs i strive for uniqueNess and Some what of orignality within an orchestral thats meant to be a rip off anyway well orchestrated themed just without the movie style Score Which at my age i wouldnt be able to do :D

but i do thank you yes my style works against my limitation i do each instrument seperately master each one seperately then resync them but all are encased in a master verb "master track" so all end up in the same space matter

then i combine them.and edit if i notice anything wrong..ill edit the volume and balance everything out before i make the final download available for download that has the whole thing...Out of sync or harmony is somewhat right but eh i tried :D

First vote...

...and my comment. This is an amazing work you have done to this song. At 1:29, it sounds like you were record it from an Ice Cave, but the "jingle" noice were abit too loud. I sometimes hear saxophones on this songs and other instruments. Did you combine it whit jazz? I love jazz.

Do you have an album you say?

Great work on this song and all the other ocre mix you have done so far. I wish you good luck in the future and keep up the good work!

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BowserThedestructive responds:

yes well in the works so to say it will be an album once i am done with all of banjo kazooie and tooies Soundtracks each with a unique touch and all in Customized Spatial backgrounds this one i themed for a Dark,Orchestral,But keeping the orignal Song intact Some what but with better instruments. which is what iam doing with them all An Orchestral Dreamed Orchestralization of banjo Kazooie and banjo tooie That of which Rare Never will do. sure they did do some in nutz and bolts but nothing of the Refreshment Recreations Ill be doing :} so once there all done ill be Compressing Them all into an album and have them for upload Royality Free.has well has uploading them to newgrounds like i am doing has i finish them

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Credits & Info

Jun 20, 2009
9:12 AM EDT
File Info
6.2 MB
3 min 24 sec
3.96 / 5.00

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