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---13 second intro. Its ugly.

Made this with lyrics but, when I sing on it, I sound like Eddie Vedder with a knot in his scotum. Not a good combo. I'll come back to it later when I figure out how to use my voice again.

Anyway, I was really hoping to come up with a fun, bouncy, drum & bass or dance track and this just oozed out of me... like a turd would after eating a dozen broccoli donuts. :(

I cry cotton candy. Fucking hurts.

*made with ACID 5 and CoolEdit2


Sounds pretty good

But it sounds kinda similar to RuneScape music which isn't a good thing, although I'm not saying this song is bad so don't take it that way. It's actually pretty good. Oh BTW that deevolution reconstruction song is the number 2 rated miscellaneous song or something like that. Anyways, on the song I think one of the main areas you could improve in is making the synths sound less midiish. Also make that breakdownish part at 1:30 crazier like that kj guy said Aphex Twin would be a good example of something to try for that part.

pookicker responds:

...Wow, RuneScape is kind of a big deal. First time I ever looked it up, basically head of it, and there's over 100,000 players online? I'm out of touch.

You guys are right tho, if there is any potential to be had, it would start with the quality of the instruments and I know I can definitely destroy the breakdown some more. My problem is that I keep on wanting to move on to the next idea (got 4 going, don't know who's going to be done first) and I just stop having feelings for the last one.

Thanks for the in depth review, brother!


what an SAT word.
well the instruments are MIDI, which i never liike, but the composure of the song
is nice and refreshing, its different than a lot of what i hear,
spend more time tweaking instruments (or find more realistic ones)
and add stylistic effects (look at aphex twin, but it doesnt have to be that crazy) and people will really respond well to your music.

pookicker responds:

I'm glad you liked it in spite of the MIDI. I was hoping to disguise the obviousness of the instruments with some f/x and vocals but, it was sounding muddled. I appreciate the input and I will apply what you said when I get back to recovering this (my hard drive just took a dump).

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Jun 18, 2009
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