Brando - Pure & Tainted

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.: Brando - Pure & Tainted :.

Here's my latest complete track!

It's represents the two sides, Good and Evil.
This is classical and not my usually style because this is a piece for school and I don't think teacher doesn't really want to mark hardstyle so yeah. This is something rather.. soft but still kind of my style.

For my assessment I had to base a piece of art, which here is music, on a common concept which I chose contrast. Whereas Good and Evil contrast each other, just like Dark & Light, and Black & White.

The tune was entirely created by me, I know it's pretty insane but yes. I don't even believe I made it lol. I'm pretty proud of this song which was probably made together in about 5-10 hours. Some good work in there.

The first tune is the good side, then the evil side comes in and takes over.


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-Cheers Brando

Edit: Changed the name because Good & Evil is really.. too common, Pure & Tainted sounds cool :D

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I bet you get an amazing score/grade for this piece of work. Lol, to be honest, i dont think no teacher would wanna mark your hardstyle. but then again...what kind of teacher has taste in music?

Great song. Still prefer your trance n stuff though.

Keep the music flowing

Dj-Brand0 responds:

Hey man, glad u liked it :D Teacher seemed to like it, don't think she took it seriously though, she ends up giving me 90s in everything so i doubt ill get a bad anything bad for it lol.

I'm about 1/3 into the hardstyle/nustyle version of this. I've made about a 1 1/2 min intro without it being repetitive and brought in the melody. Also I've thought about having this song drawn out to be three final songs, 'Pure', 'Tainted' and 'Pure & Tainted Classical'. The third song would be a proper mastered version of this song with orchestral percussion.

Because I just finally found a vst that gives me heaps :D, and mastering the piano in 'Pure' made me realize how much better this would sound if i do the same to the whole lot

But yeah, if you want to hear previews or want to see how I'm going with it, add me on msn or something and I can always send u clips.

Thanks for the review.

-Cheers Brando


This has a catchy melody with quite an epic feeling but also an adventurous piece as well. I love how it builds up and well done on the melody with the piano. Really rhythmic and exciting.

It has quite a mysterious feel later on to the very end but is still epic, the string synth is good but could be more higher pitched or that one that is progressive.

Dj-Brand0 responds:

Thanks man glad you liked it!

Yeah I agree it's really epic :D The mysterious feel i was mainly trying to gain out of it and it worked pretty well.

Thanks heaps.

-Cheers Brando


...but not exactly great either. ;-)

I like this a lot. The melody line is dark and beautiful, and has a mystical quality to it. I think the atmosphere you created really enhances this quality, especially the reverb you used. Very tasteful reverb.

The piano is very well written, and has a very bouncy sort of light to it. Even though this song as a whole is very rich in dark texture, it keeps an air of innocence. That is not an easy thing to do, so I commend you on that.

I have two issues with this song though:

1. Length. Jesus this is to short. Lengthen this my friend, because it could be so much more if you added another chorus bridge along the way. As it is it is simply to short.

2. Where is the percussion? You need some epic concert bass drums and crashes going on in this song. It would greatly enhance this piece. Right now, there is simply a lack of any real quality percussion. And that is not a good thing at all my friend.

4/5 and 8/10 overall. This has great potential, and is very nice as it is. But it has the possibility of being something great if you just put a little more work into it.

Hope this helps somehow.


Dj-Brand0 responds:

Hey sorry for the late reply.

I agree this isn't all that great but the main focus I was getting to here was the notes of the melodies. The percussion and instruments I didn't go into a great detail. The reason was I made this is about 6 hours and what I made it for only required a mood to be set so i met the criteria. For newgrounds criteria i know i didn't meet it but I should meet it when it's finished.

I'm glad you liked the piano I'm glad it came out this good.

1. Yeah it is really short, I need to add more to it but I'm not sure really how to do so. I need to find someone who I can get tips from in classical. I would like to eventually make 2 versions, the classical and hardstyle.

2. The percussion.. yeah. I don't know what to use, I tried some percussion but I don't really know what to use because I really only have dance song sample packs. That's something I've really needed to find for a while. I put some faint crashes in the background and epic kicks but the crashes weren't quite ones you would hear in an orchestra so that's why I rathered them to be faint than noticeable.

Thanks for the really honest review. And yes, of course it helped. It makes me think about the song and how to improve it. Reviews like this are great :D

10/10 for the review lol.

-Cheers Brando

:O you did it

Haya there Brando

Well concratiolations you did it you made me smile when the music began i thought wow that's nice. i didn't need the titel to know what the song was about it was just soo F*cking obvious!!! You really did a great job i think that you need to make a variation on this only then in hard(core/style). the song here is great for a classical song. But i feel the hardcore inside of it you just need to get it out of there and show it to us. if i'm gona make a choas game full of action can i borrow this song then?? ;-). i just feel the contrast and de low tunes on the back mixed with the high tunes in the front just the perfect mix it's just a trill to listen at it. i give the song because i almost never give 10 and 5 this ^^
_¤¨¯¯¨¤_ ¤¨¯¯¨¤_ 9/10_¤¨¯¯¨¤_ ¤¨¯¯¨¤_4/5_¤¨¯¯¨¤_ ¤¨¯¯¨¤_really download^^_¤¨¯¯¨¤_ ¤¨¯¯¨¤__________ but you need me to promise that you make a hardcore or hardstyle version make with this great song. great work again Brando keep me up with your latest songs ;). see ya laterzzz

**load up load down better be the best than having the Crown***
>>_¤¨¯¯¨¤_ ¤¨¯¯¨¤_Greet troeventrekker/LiquidFIRE in-game_¤¨¯¯¨¤_ ¤¨¯¯¨¤_<<

Dj-Brand0 responds:

Heyy :D

I originally started this song as a hardstyle song but i chose to head it in a classical direction because I wanted to get a better mark for my piece. So as a fact I've started it already and I worked on it a bit last night. And I like how this song is going and I have faith in it :D

I just want to get a structure right so its not repetitve like all of my other songs. I need to work and focus on my quality of percussion because I've figured that most of my songs I've been heading to my own style which results in me being lazy and leaving out quality in important breaks etc.

Thanks for your review and yes you can use this song, by all means you have my full support.

Me and a friend were thinking about making an animation to fit this song since I can picture it in many scenes, for example, we thought about this guy running into battle with one of his friends. And both of them team together killing enemies and then he turns around at the evil break and starts to fight against his team killing them as they run into battle and then at the very end he stops and finally kills his friend, shooting him point blank in the head.

In more detail I think that would look awesome. :D

I promise this song WILL be finished. And I hope I can get it done over this 2 weeks break from school. Contact me any time and you can see how I'm going with it, maybe I can get someone elses opinion on some of the structures...

Thanks again.

-Cheers Brando

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