Smithy battle pt 2 remix

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This is old and shitty, like god. I just leave this as a reminder of where I've been musically.


loooooooooooooooooong intro... god. i was gonna give it a bad score til i saw in the description the intro was a minute, but i wont download it unfortunately, lol i dont want to wait a minute of repetitive nises to get to the good part.

badass remix otherwise.

johngotti0831 responds:

OH god this remix sucks. I MAY redo it, plus it's like 4 years old? Yeah I dunno what I was even thinking with this thing. lmfao

Permission Wanted:
I believe this remix is perfect! I was hoping, could I use it for "Lay It Up"? The theme will be perfect for the OST.

johngotti0831 responds:

oh sorry about this, I never checked up on this. Yeah if you want go for it. No need to ask :D

needs a little equalizing.

very nice except for the dreadfully long intro that lasts 1 minutes 10 secs and the volume issues.

had i not known what the song sounds like... i woulda stopped at 30 secs into the intro and tossed it a lower score.

and for volume for example the foreground blast at the very beginning and the ones like the one at 1:18 are wayyy to loud compared to the rest of the song. it was so loud it came out distorted... and i have a super nice headset.

4/5, 8/10

johngotti0831 responds:

Yeah it's pretty old and I hate this remix now XD, I mean it was 09 when I did upload it. I have a lot of newer songs that are quite a bit better because I advanced quite a bit. Here check it out if you want http://johngotti0831.bandcamp.com/

Its great ...

excellent... minus the lengthy intro.

johngotti0831 responds:

yeah I hate the intro and this song I did now actually. Check out my newer stuff here http://johngotti0831.bandcamp.com/ it's a lot better than this trust me.

Excellent job.

Sounds like you were going for a techno-creepy-WTF-is-the-place-kind-o f-feel; and you did it.

Not so sure what the point of the one minute intro was. That portion needs to be developed a wee bit more. Maybe add some anvil strikes to balance out the tech-bass line. It's a bit bottom heavy. Kinda wears on the ears after a few minutes. I can tell you put a lot into it. A little less bottom heavy and it'll be 10/10.

johngotti0831 responds:

yeah this is pretty old, and I kinda don't like this song (my version) anymore. But yeah I advanced a lot since this and you can check out newer songs by me that are a lot better here http://johngotti0831.bandcamp.com/

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4.34 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2009
1:08 AM EDT
Video Game
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