DownTempo Étranger

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An experimental chilltempo track for my Canadian pals...


Good beat

It's amazing what you find when you dig in the back catalog of these sites. The is a great beat with an awesome mix. Nicely done.


nice a-tonal synthline bobbing along, and the beat is nice and solid. ive got a feeling my sound system is about 10x too bassy cos this track filled my entire room with a sea of Hz. smooth flow, good work.

LJCoffee responds:

A sea of Hz... nice :)

It's probably not your system - it's probably a less than wonderful mix - There's probably just way too much on the low end that I didn't catch or try to correct.

Meh - whatcha gonna do right?

tasty tasty beats

man, that was some nice stuff, very good way to end a day just chilling back and listening to that.

although french is my first language i couldn't make out a word of what the voice was saying...sometimes delay can be tricky that way.

it creates a really nice atmosphere though.

LJCoffee responds:

Your english is a million times better than my french!

I don't even remember what the voices say - something along the lines of "Take me, in this filthy place...Fires of passion...??" something like that... It was a linguistic hack job though, it was English converted to French via bablefish and then run through a text to speech generator... plus with all of the effects on it it just becomes a jumbled mess anyway.

I appreciate the review!


It sounded really wierd with the scratchy record in it. I think i'll stop reviewing here and maybe do some more another day.

LJCoffee responds:

That's cool - and from the title I would imagine that you would have just skipped over this altogether - I know from your other reviews that you like faster paced stuff and this... well...isn't :P

i feel like i owe u a couple reviews...

so here we go.
nice ambient/dark aura beginning. The clicks and the squeaks make me antipate the beat.
then this awesome well put together chill beat breaks in.
the electrionic beep sounds couple have more teble, but still, great feel.
You brought in a euro trance/industrial effect somewhere...that would be really nice if it was following a particular order, you know? like if it was follow set notes instead of just playing one.
after the acid break, and the weird(but in a good way) voices play, then it breaks into a 4/4 beat. aw yeah, thats just what i needed.
im senseing an electronic screeching pad in the backround......its really nice...dont get me wrong, and it adds a great feel, but maybe something mroe...i dunno. maybe some soft strings when it hits the end?
wow man....this song loops PERFECTLY! no glitches! im....amazed.
that is quite the feat. i could never do that...

great work man!
you will always pwn me

LJCoffee responds:

Thanks! - I wish I could remember what the voice says... ha! it's something fairly twisted - I forget what I came up with but if you know anyone who speaks french they may be able to translate it :D

BTW - on the voice - I translated some english into French via babelfish, cut the result and pasted it into the AT&T tts engine awesome results - check here - http://www.research.att.com/projects/tts/demo.html

Saved the results - brought it into SoundForge and started playin around with it...

I've found that site to be useful for generating little bits of speech if needed...

I actually really like the END of this track - the whole beginning just seems to drag on a little and it hits really late - right after the speech - I'm in the process of remixing this... But it may never be finished as I might abandon it in favor of more recent pursuits :)

As for the looping ... I use mainly AcidPro to build music - use that for a while and you'll get really good at making seamless loops to use in it! I'm surprised that there aren't any little skips or anything due to the flash player.

Thanks again!!

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May 17, 2005
12:23 PM EDT
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