Pardon My stars!

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Just a smooth blend of sounds that will make you bob your head! I made this because people always ask me about my tattoos. I have stars on my elbows and on my left forearm. I love stars and space so I just named this after my tattoos. Enjoy of bombs away!!! YEAH!!!


Missed potential.

Well, as I clicked this, I wondered how this made it to the All Time Top list. I like the ambiance overall, but there are nitpicks I have with this piece. The repetition of the main synth and lead line (that never changed at all) made me deflate a little. This track has the potential to be awesome, but it just falls short. The title was a big misnomer, if you ask me. I rarely take titles into account when I click things, so you have to understand how much it stuck out for it to warrant a mention.
The main drums and beat are great (along with the original ethereal space thing you had going on). To me, those are the best part of this track. The synth, lead, and choir/chorus keyboards need a little more polish. Don't get me wrong, this is by no means a BAD track. It's just.....not great. It's average.
It's like you had a great idea and flow in mind, but got started, then just gave up towards the middle and end. You created and overall good flow from the start, but you didn't really alter much, so it got kinda boring. Maybe a few more touches interesting things, and you'd have a front page worthy track. Don't let the personal BS (people's opinions of tattoos, etc.) negatively affect your music. If anything, it should FUEL your musical inspiration. This track, as I stated before, has the POTENTIAL to be great, but falls short. The part at 2:55 lead me to believe you had another musical idea (song) that you were leading in to, but you just left it as a standalone section. It works, but seems really sudden and awkward with the congruence of the rest of the track. It's ready to burst at the seams with awesome, but it just doesn't seem to want it bad enough. Keep the flow coming, and it will bust out and be completely boss.

Kannon1 responds:

while I understand your review, I don't understand the score. 6 is like did you even listen to the song. I believe sticking with a simple yet soundful beat is not boring but rather subtracts all the clutter of beats you hear today. I make beats for the user/viewer can flow to it and not have to be overpowered by the beat. Very simple yet highly efficient to rap on or to listen to. I do thank you for the review but I just feel the score is very low for this level of music.

lol the title :))

the song is great but i have an question: What were you thinking when you made the title?

Kannon1 responds:

IDK! LOL! I guess it was a burning question my mind. why did people get so uuuggghhh about my tattoos. I guess not everyone thinks ink! LOL thanks for the review. Yeah!!!1

I like it :)

Very good.... 4.39 / 5.00 (+ 0.015) :D So good job, good luck to ya =)

Bob yes, rhitm.

Dude hell yeah. You created a flow to shift on. However -- you should have altered the main tune a little bit earlier off, just to refrain that boredom.

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4.11 / 5.00

Jun 14, 2009
3:50 PM EDT
Hip Hop - Modern
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