Flamenco Rose

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This is a rather wacky composition that fuses western 80's style hard rock with spanish Flamenco music and vocals. Enjoy!!


This is just INSANITY.

I must admit that I really obtained an appreciate for this submission after listening to it for only a mere fraction of a minute. This is really some incredible work and soloing here, I'm awe-struck by the complexity of this song, it really ought to be famous around the globe!

The intro was a bit weird, how the arpeggios sequenced, it was a bit inharmonious, but usually the beginnings and ends of sangs have a certain liscence to do that to showcase some specific weird flavor, plenty of artists do that, so if it is found here, it doesn't bother me at all, I like it honestly. Just, it doesn't sit well going into the next portion of the intro.

Speaking of the next part... It sounds like some cheesy indie riff that I didn't like too much, but I still stuck with it, and I'm glad that I did. When the main riff kicked in, I realised that this was going to be epic. I really like the harmonics and the note selection on the lead, it was simply a delicious composition. I mean, that main riff was sooooo catchy and overall supremeness that I really would kill to learn it!!

After the main riff, the section after, which I guess is the verse is really awesome too. I can detect a simple scale after some more sustains, I know its pretty simple, but it works well, which inspires me to use more scales and such like that in my songs. :)

The pecrcussion lineup for this song was pretty good in my opinion. It sounded pretty punkish.although at certain parts, I don't even know what the hell was being used lol. Some cymbal thing was being used which sounded like hitting a toaster with an I-don't-know, spoon or something. That was one of my main gripes, the vocals are too.

Well... Vocals... There really wasn't enough for me to work with here, but the small amount that I see really isn't enough. I presonally think that the song would be better as an instrumental, but... What kind of lyrics could even be incorporated into such an eclectic songs as this? Lol.

Anyways. I love this. My MP3 player will beg me to play this over and over and again and again. I really think this is a fantastic submission as is, but coud do with a smidge of polish. Go fourth and continue being awesome.

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exelent riffs and those harmonics, the powerchords there with nice snare... AWESOME!

gotta dl this :D

oh ooh! me too please!

i love this song SOO much, mush muushy AWESOMENESS!!!!

all the harmonics and i would LEARN SO many thing from this song..

even if you dont complete your tabs may i have some too!

what-a-cool-username responds:

Hahah! You got it bro :)

could you pm me with tabs?

i realy like the toan but i dont love it, still its a great song

what-a-cool-username responds:

Haha thanks man :)
I don't actually have any tabs written out for it, but I've had a few requests from other people, so I'll write some out and send you a copy!

got actually good

at the 2:35 mark. i didnt like it before. maybe because the whole thing was on big solo. 3:13 mark or so, was to chaotic. killed the song. then it got back on track and lost again lol!!! i hate that part taste very bad in my ears. then it went to 3/4 time and im like wat! but it was ok. over all the song had a lot of bad parts but the good parts were more than worth it. needed more vocals btw. the vocals it did have were like laughable. i didnt know if it was suppose to be funny.

what-a-cool-username responds:

Yeah, I'd agree with you in so far as that it does get a little hectic sonically in places, I might rerecord it at somestage and fix some of the rougher parts. And the vocals were intentionally put in just at the end, to give the song a bit of a kick up the ass for the last "chorus" section.
Thanks for the constructive criticism!

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Jun 13, 2009
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