Solus- Night of Passion

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The successor to "Night of Longing."

...goddamnit I'm making porno music


Smooth and Silky, With or Without the Sheets!

Think of it like Video Game Music. Not many people considered the tunes from games to be as vital and complex as anything else the popular musicians produced, but there you have it... people strive hard to capture the essence and emotion of Schala's Theme on piano. Yasunori Mitsuda is immortalized through the following of so many players.

Background tracks are important in erotic media. The movies that vie toward a plot (the themes of which typically explore love, lust, romance, and heartbreak) often require something more to stir the audience's emotion. Without an erotic track like this, the audience might interpret a sexual liaison as empty pleasure or cheap thrill. The tone of the music usually guides the audience, especially since most screen performers of the erotic persuasion got into the business on looks alone, and they often butcher even excellent scripts, let alone ones already butchered by their playwrights.

The saxophone needs to go. Or at least find a better approximation of the instrument. If you switched the sax out with another prominent instrument, would we consider it a stereotypical erotic track? That's something worth checking out. Also, if the sax rose up in pitch near the end (it tends to become monotonous), then it would signal that the scene is nearing a climax. I know it's a dirty business, but there's an audience for this stuff.

Anyway, don't kill yourself over composing tracks that sound eerily similar to a porno. Few musicians around here are vested in composing tracks that deal directly with romance or love. The trance is about dance, Hip-Hop has choppers, shotguns and hookers, while metal is about "ROAR! HAIL SATAN". See, I'm out of practice with dancing, I prefer jets, and the last hooker I tried to pick up waved a badge AND a fucking shotgun. And you know what? FUCK SATAN! Fucker owes me cash. And don't ask about the synthesizer symphony composers, for that crowd is limp. After all that softness, some moments demand hardness (no pun intended).

And it's very hard to hate a musician like you, who sticks it out regardless of her misgivings with her track. You've improved considerably over the years, through your newer versions of old songs, remixes or alternate versions, and your current dive into the overlooked genre of jazz. And hey... who cares if it sounds like porno music? The pornos that don't have music utterly lack aesthetic value; they often fall into the traps of exploiting the female aesthetic and distorting the realities of human relationships. If any Newgrounder interested in a tit fest makes one and uses this track, then you will have saved his sorry ass from being touted as a living cultural deficit.

Nice work. Keep it up... all night if need be.

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nice tune, I liked it, too bad the sax sample wasn't that realistic :V and maybe the part at 1:30 would hv sounded better if played 1 octave above, with some tremolo on longer notes...and maybe some reverb on the drums would give the whole composition more...dunno, maybe it'll just sound better :)


Porno? Well I love this song, is soft, warm and romantic... at least I feel so..
Btw really good work, I was expecting nothing less from my favorite composer!

SolusLunes responds:

Heh, yes, it is soft, warm and romantic, but it made me think of porn :p


hey relax

i made a porno song b4 too

well...hentai porn....but its still porn i geuss


awsome song once again

i bet u were thinking about me when u were writing it eh? ^_O

oh yah..

leave a response,leave a response, leave a response leave a response, leave a response

@_@ do not resist my Mind CONTROL!!!!!!

SolusLunes responds:

Are you reviewing just to get me to respond?! >:(

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