On to the Show! (short theme)

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A short, simple, yet lovely jingle. Be happy, and welcome to the show :)


-Mixing improvements needed? If so, what?

-Make a longer version or keep it short?

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I could totally picture a stage and "Cabernet" type seating. Really cute and sweet jingle! Good job!

ImperfectDisciple responds:

Thank you :)

Short themes rule!

Yes, I'm pretty much biased when it comes to themes. I LOVE themes. :)

This is a nice theme, but the melody isn't that catchy. But on the other hand it's a very enjoyable tune.
I think this should be a tad bit longer. I was just getting into the groove of this and then it was already over. Maybe just a few seconds longer will do the trick here.

The ending is nice, but the pause before it is a bit too long.

{ Review Request Club }

ImperfectDisciple responds:

Wow. I guess the general consensus is to extend it, haha :P

-Thank you for the review!


Hmm, I think perhaps a bit longer.

I just think 17 seconds isn't really enough to actually enjoy a song. I let this load up while I was reading something and when the song ended I was left with the feeling of, "Oh.. that's it?.."

Probably not a good feeling to get when listening to a song. My personal opinion is I wouldn't mind you making a bit longer, but hey that's still completely up to you. Could almost me used in a Xmas flash submission, but I think again that it would have to be a tad bit longer. Could be used for a main theme, intro, or credits with it's sound.

~ Review Request Club ~

ImperfectDisciple responds:

It's meant to be an intro, so I'm thinking I nailed it on the head. Kinda lazy to do an extension, but if I made this for someone, my first response is to extend it because I follow my visions, and then let it be shaped to fit what it needs to. It's like having clay, then getting a pot ;D

-Thank you for your insightful review!


A little short

Not a bad job at conjuring up a scene in a morning when some kids wake up to find their street covered in the white stuff and realising the joy that this world can lend you from time to time.

I think this piece needs to be a little longer, especially in the ending, as the little flourish on the keys at the end seems to be after too long a pause, considering the piece is only 17 seconds long, I think that you can stand to make it as much as a minute long in total and still not adversely affect it.

[Review Request Club]

ImperfectDisciple responds:

Very true. I might not extend it simply because it's more of a short theme, thought it would make more sense because you would need 40 seconds more of music with a transition into that part of the theme. Thank you for the review!


Not truly my thing

Although jazz isn't really my specialty of music and whatnot, it still has a feel liek you're at a very damn fancy restaurant and they have a little 5 man jazz band playing music for your table and people you brought. Very short but maybe you could have added a jazzier sound like a saxophone into it.

Review Request Club


ImperfectDisciple responds:

Yeah. I was thinking that melody would have been better on a trumpet or saxophone. Maybe I'll put it there sometime soon. Thank you for your review!


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Jun 12, 2009
8:32 PM EDT
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