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The 10½ Heroes -Remix 2-

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Yes, this is what you're thinking. A remix to a remix. I decided to spend a few hours on FL Studio and came up with this. Yes, it's short, but I hope it's good anyway. All of the instruments, apart from the percussion, the bells and the bass were made by me using Sytrus Synths. Hope you all enjoy it, and hopefully this song doesn't become a victim to those spoil-sports who think selfishly that their songs should be number 1, A.K.A. 0-bombers. Enjoy!

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These synths are actually kinda cool. Neat rhythms too! The drums are starting to get out of control and ruin all your songs at this point. A decent synth bassline is a welcome addition to your music. I don't know if this is intentional but you tend to use a pentatonic scale a lot, which gives a lot of your music a stereotypical chinese kinda vibe.

Step responds:

Yeah, I had no idea they were pentatonic scales. I just thought they sounded cool and at the time I just went with whatever I thought sounded cool. That's still what I do though haha. Some things never change.

Differant but still interesting

notbad again and i thought i heard the other version before on this one, but this one sounds differant and seems to have some differant and odd sounds, not a bad thing just differant, kind of hard to review this particular one because its kind of {WACKY} and thats not a bad thing its just differant but maybe thats what you were going for, as the tune gets going it does settle down from the odd and wackyness of stuff, anyways notbad keep making interesting stuff especially like this tune, not my fave from you but still a decent choice.

i would suggest some more wacky and odd sounds throughout the track even making it more crazy.


Step responds:

Lol thanks. I made almost all the sounds with the Sytrus VST that comes with FL Studio, so maybe that's why they sound wacky :P.

Thanks for reviewing!


I thought this song was a MAJOR improvement over the rest! Sounds like it has a slight hint of chinese "Kung Fu" style music. Y'knowz whats I meanz? (Under the soicumstaynces...) and the 8-bit feel was really good.

(Also, I've been trying to PM you, but I still can't. Try removing the setting that blocks me off, and/or make a news post that doesn't go on the front page that I can comment on. Cause I'm kinda running out of songs to comment on to communicate with you...)

Step responds:

Thanks. I didn't work that well on this, though, I have to admit, but I'm glad you liked it. About the PMing business, I added you to the contact list so I don't understand what's the problem. I'll try and figure it out :/.

Good video gamey feel

And good job with the equalizing. However overall it was a bit random at times, and by that I mean the melody jumped around a bit and I believe it even changed keys at one point. Good job though, it just needed a bit more structure for my tastes.

Step responds:

Yeah, you're completely right about that. A sytrus synth of mine was set in the wrong pitch and played in A Major :\. Thanks for the review! :)

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Jun 12, 2009
3:06 PM EDT
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