The Last Pilgrimage

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Wow, fuck. This is a file I've had for awhile. I have plans to go back and edit this because this is far from a final mix. It's a very nice take at a neo-classical metal song, however I can't seem to get my hand on the mixing. Dammit! :P I really enjoy the composition on this piece mainly because of the different changes within it and the drums, I got to work a lot with those fills. Anyway, enjoy! :)

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Epic Pilgrimage I dare say...

This tune does remind me a little bit of Pirates of the Carribean in some way. This would fit fine in some high adventure type stuff or maybe even in an epic battle. The only trouble I see is how the drums can be tuned up a bit, especially in the beginning. But everything goes in together well.

Great job. Keep it up.
4/5 & 9/10

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LightKeeper responds:

Thanks a lot. I made this song back when my theory wasn't as strong. The synthesized guitars were ultimately a test as well and not something I would plan to add again any time soon to a mix. I'm surprised I haven't gotten any comments on how terrible the mix is to this piece honestly, because it is definitely clippy and in some parts uncomprehendable. The composition is average at best and I feel that if I were to put my hand at this type of song again it would definitely overshadow this.

However, thank you for the review and kind words. If you really want epic adventure esque music I would recommend listening to Lashmush's Ultima Eternus, as it is what gave me the inspiration to write this piece in the first place. After listening to that you may look back and reconsider the score you gave me, as this is way underpar in comparison to his incredible expansion of pieces.


Wonderful blend of instruments and sound. They all told a different and unique part of the story. It felt "Epic". Amazing work!

LightKeeper responds:

I only wish it was less synthesized. Thanks for the kind work, I'd love to remix this better one day.


Had to make a review on this piece.

The amount of the work that went into this really shows in the composition. The mixing could have definitely gone better, but overall the song conveys an emotion of beauty. The use of counterpoint in the harmony between the piano and guitar is perfect, everything lines up nicely. The melodies compliment each other nicely and the slow down section is a nice change from the rest of the music.

Overall good job.

Very good

I have to agree with Coop regarding the sound of the bass. The drums are too quiet, which is really a shame for this otherwise great song.

I like how you change over from this classical tune in the beginning to a kick ass metal song, you've done a good job here.

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LightKeeper responds:

Thanks man. Like I said though, I'm planning to go back and remix this whole piece whenever I get the chance, so hopefully everything will sound much better.

I'm glad I was able to achieve the transition of classical to metal. :)

Thanks for the review Haggard. :)

Good song, but...

I think the main issue with this is that the Bass seems to be slightly messed up - it's not loud enough for what you tend to expect of Metal drumming, giving the sound and impression that the drummer is located in a cave, rather than on the riser behind the rest of the band.

Good use of the strings and one hellishly good tempo cannot be ignored and so we are left with a good sounding piece still. The piano cuts through the introduction nicely and it sounds pseudo classical, before the drums and the real metal kicks in.

I can certainly see this being used in various games that have a medieval quality to them, as they certainly could use something foreboding like this for a boss fight, for example. Perhaps it could be looped for that purpose, thus giving gamers and programmers something to work with there.

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LightKeeper responds:

I'm planning, probably not anytime in the near future, to go back and remaster this piece. Every time I've tried before my computer slows down and I can't work on the piece, so right now I don't have the patience to make this "the best that I can."

I never actually thought of this being used in a game, but I suppose it could be with its theme.

Thanks for the review Coop83! :)

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Jun 10, 2009
11:47 PM EDT
Heavy Metal
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