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my second try on Reason.
not sure if I like this one more or not. I searched through my drum packs and found one that I think sounds kinda cool, kinda 8-bit glitch. once again the bass sounds weird, I have a friend who is going to show me some stuff on reason so I can learn how to mix properly and whatnot, so hopefully there will be some stuff on here soon that will sound a lot better than this crap.

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Sounds similarly like your previous song...

Agreeing with Haggard's review, the variation is a bit lacking here. It sounds kinda like your first song you posted here. Then again, it is in a "Video Game" genre, so I can picture this in some kind of desert wasteland or construction-like battle game/movie. Something like that I suppose. I also like the interesting synth part hitting all those crazy notes somewhere in the song there.

Overall, it's a decent song, but needs variation.
3/5 & 7/10

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I loved it!

You know, music and art are really tricky. One mans junk is anthers treasure and so on... This is exactly the kind of music that I love to listen to when I'm playing games. I tend to lean toward a "dubstep/ electronica" type stuff. I could definitely see this in an "art" game type category. It really tells a nice story. 5/5, 10/10, and favorited!

Silent-G responds:

I'm glad you liked it. I'd love to see any of my music used in a game or video, so its nice to here that.
thanks for the review.

It's not bad- almost worth the wait

It's a little slow and takes a while to build up, but what's added seems to be pretty solid; it fits in well. If I may call each time you add in or remove a little jig, my suggestion would be to possibly add/remove the instruments every time the initial tune repeats.. as far as i can tell, things get changed every 2nd tune, so this might help it progress a little faster.
You obviously have skill with the beats and all though, with a variety of skills, such as background/bass noise, changing a sound from left/right speaker effectively, and timing. So I have to say I'd like this a whole lot better if it wasn't in excess of 4 minutes, as it is a bit long to wait, despite it getting good at parts.
So all I think needs working on it is speeding it up a tad (sorry if i just repeated that 3 or more times in this review >.<).
But it's good! Will look forward to more work from you =)

Silent-G responds:

If I get bored some day I'll remix this and definitely consider what you said. thanks for the review.


This is a bit too slow for my taste. Also, there's not too much variation in this song, so it's a bit boring to listen to.

But on the other hand you submitted this in the Video Game category. As a video game tune this is all right I guess. It doesn't distract me too much from what I am doing and gives me something to listen to while I am doing it.
It could still be a bit faster in my opinion. ;)

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Silent-G responds:

thanks for the review, I've always seemed to naturally make slower songs, but I'm trying to make stuff that sounds better sped up.

Not bad.

I liked the sounds that you were using, but I almost feel like you overused things a little bit in this, which isn't too bad if your going for the video game type feel, like you are, because video games tend to use a lot of repetitiveness in their songs.

I got a feeling of robots being manufactured in a factory. Just sounded to me like one was created, the belt they were on moved down, and another one was put together, etc.. I guess it can be weird how people envision songs. :P

Not bad, can't really think of too much to improve on. Perhaps parts were drawn out a little bit. Changing things up sooner could give it a feeling of more variety.

~ Review Request Club ~

Silent-G responds:

yeah, I was feeling a bit lazy when I made this so I reused a lot of stuff. thanks for the review.

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Jun 5, 2009
6:49 AM EDT
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