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One Massive Energetic Groovy Arrangement? Yeah, my imagination sucks... Anyway, please enjoy :D

UPDATE: I added another instrument and improved some small things.


Objective: Make EuroDisney Go Awry

Bleah. Lub said most everything I have to say. Darn you!

I like the song, though, and all the percussion (except for the kick :( ) was awesome! Keep it upways!

-Ye Olde Lampe

ReFreezed responds:

Am I the only one that likes the kick!?! D:

Ok, I'll upload another version tomorrow. New kick, better bass, and maybe some kind of distortion.

Thanks for the liking. :)

Oh My Eveyone's Gone Ape

hmm.. I cant think of anything to say
Lublub basically covered it all

nice job though

ReFreezed responds:

Aye, thanks man :)

Onions Mean Everything Good Alright.

Hmmm... I didn't feel the bass... Sorry sir. Just not there :(

Ways I would say to improve that feature?

#1 New kick. That's a very punchy kick. Get a kick, or make one, with extreme power. Something that makes you go "Woah..."
#2 Add a bass boost on the bass, and turn it up a little. It doesn't seem to be present. I can hear it in the background sometimes, but then it seems like it's just kinda hanging out in the back of class. Like the kid who's a "Bad-ass" and doesn't do his homework. Just sits there. Yeah. Too bad they didn't know that if they did work, they would get some awesome stuff. (Bass)
#3 This is just a suggestion. I have no clue how it would all work, but maybe a little distortion?

Yeah, Those were all suggestions, and as you can tell by my score. I have nothing really against this song. Just that I think it could use a little bass. Moar bass = More POWAH!

So, those are a few ideas that I have. No?

Okay. Thats the end of this review. Hope ya don't hate meh.

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ReFreezed responds:

Maybe the bass is just too low so not every speaker can play it, because I think the kick gets a bit muffled by the other instruments because there's so much bass. Makes sense? No? :(

How do you mean distortion? And where? On the main synth, or the drums? So many questions...

So, thanks for those suggestions. And the 9. :D

Oh, and I don't hate you. (Only a little :3 )


Rave tune!!! :P lol. But seriously, this is great. Maybe needs a little bit moer development, and the part around 1:10 sounds great, but it need to add another instrument after 2/4 bars, not just the claps. Other than those minor points, it sounds great. Keep the good work up:)

ReFreezed responds:

Yeah, you're right: there is room for another instrument there. I don't know how I would "develop" the song more except for that though.

Anyway, thanks for the review! :D

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Jun 3, 2009
11:13 AM EDT
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