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Enter The Temple Of Time

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Hi everybody, Mick is back with a fresh new submission, my take at the Temple Of Time song from Zelda OoT.
I tried to make this song imaging Link entering the Temple Of Time and playing on his ocarina...I thought this as an improvisation piece, coz I wanted to add some slightly distorted guitar during the last part of the song, and some acoustic guitar in the outro, but I don't hv any good hardware to record on my pc, so I'll record that as soon as I got my hands on a decent mixer and microphones...tech stuff: as always, I used reason for everything, final mix with audacity (just for the fade out effect :P).

Stay tuned for the final version of this song!

ps the outro is faded out for 2 reasons:
1)it lacks the acoustic guitar solo (the real track times 8 minutes straight)
2)the outro is actually the intro for the next movement i'm working on, so I actually thought this as a complete symphony ;)

--EDIT: For all those noobs voting 0/1 on my sub just coz they're envious of my hard work, please don't piss me off, if u want to vote 0 on this you have to:
1)LISTEN to the whole composition, not just listening the first second, vote 0 and get out;
2)if want to give me a 0, I can kindly accept and shut the fuck up, but if you're voting 0 then maybe you could lay down some words and REVIEW, because if I'm doing anything wrong in your opinion to recieve such bad voting, then why don't you tell me??? THANKS and vote fairly.


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Wow! The last comment (besides mine) was posted 4 years ago? How can that be? This track is a glorious masterpiece that still holds up marvelously. You've managed to do an excellent job at capturing the spirit of Zelda. Well done!

Link was finally here. The center of time itself and the resting place of the all-powerful Master Sword. With all three Spiritual Stones in hand, young Link ventures into the empty porcelain and marble halls. He feels an intense energy around him as his eyes scan the marble surroundings, almost as if the Temple itself, or perhaps the ones that built it beckoned him. The young boy walks to the pedestal at the end of the hall.

The stones fly from Link's hand, to their rightful places. He watches them for a moment, feeling their powers as they radiated, mixing with the energies of the temple. Link takes a long breath as he pulls out the Ocarina.

The Temple reverberates with the sound of its holy song.

It was as if the gods were awakening. No sooner had Link finished than a violent tremor began rocking the temple. Link could feel his hear skip a beat as he briefly panicked.

"Look! Its opening!"

Navi's familiar voice brought the boy back into focus; this was no Earthquake. The trembling was the opening of the great doors, one of the final barriers to the Sacred Realm. Link's jaw fell in awe as he ran through the open doors. At last, the Master Sword! Taking his place before Link grasped the ancient blade's hilt and with all his might he pulled.

He was worthy.

The sword was plucked from its old resting place without a hitch. He had done it. The quest was over! Or so he thought. In his euphoria, Link had forgotten there was no rest for the wicked. Behind him, the sound of knocking. He felt a presence. An evil, familiar one. Link instinctively spun around, dragging the Master Sword behind him. The ancient doors had closed themselves without Link or Navi's notice. The knocking continued and it seemed like the doors were about to give way as evil itself began to fill the air. Now young Link know what beckoned him. It wasn't the Temple. It wasn't the power of time. It wasn't the gods.

Its was destiny.


And those are the feelings I got from listening to wonderful, masterful work, easily one of the best arranges of any song I have ever heard. Keep up the fine work.

Dont have any words to express my Joy :D its beautiful ;) . I cant wait to see what youll do next.Good luck.


Simply Outstanding!

Prelude of light!!!!!

Can you remake bolero of fire?

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4.82 / 5.00

Jun 1, 2009
9:51 AM EDT
Video Game
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