Hackin heads

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Pretty much just your standard killin song.
Heres some lyrics:

Klasik nadi:
Hacking heads till their dead
Rolling down the street.
Im Looking for my next victim
Get some brain to eat
Gonna find the perfect specimen
then head splitting
On the beat ripping.
Hacking heads with these words
I hack the heads of any person.
I do it..Then I be dispersing
Now its closed curtains
I don't even care. Ur feelings will be hurting
Blood and brain matter will be squirting
I love to hack the frontal lobe.
I do it all around the globe
From Mexico to Orlando even in a rodeo and in fucking russia
When I find ya. I will cut ya.
Detectives will call up ur next of kin
But when ur parents try to identify ya
They wont even know where to start or begin.
I hack the heads and limbs of anyone who wants to contest
Post mortem signs left

Slice and slash. Giving fools a head gash.
I Cut and chop. And you know i wont stop
I Rip and I slit. Never know what Ill cut you with
I shred and i hack, but from where will i attack?

Every one knows When they hear me speak that im insane
I wish i could stop these thoughts from leavin my brain
I lost my fuckin mind when my last girlfriend dumped me,
I wake up in the night screaming WHY CANT YOU LOVE ME?
skeletons in my closet bitch what you want with that?
as a child I murdered stray cats and rabbits with a bat
Mark of a serial killer, yeah thats what they say
What the hell do those profilers think they know anyway
Bout a body cuttin slayin monster mother fucker who loves to eat the flesh of the best and all his past lovers
Rubbers or not ready or not here im commin
Head starts are rarely givin so you best start runnin
Tell me somthin, have you ever been cut?
Felt the blood trickle down and that knot in your gut?
Your hair standing up on the back of your neck?
Well if not, here it is GET READY FOR DEATH.


Oh my god. Please stop GET away from me
This isn't the first of the last time I will hear these words
Better prepare. Never know where I lurk
Or where the blood is gonna squirt
Im always on the prowl.
So just cry, get wild, but the EMT wont be dialed
Victims always trying to bring me to and end
Bring be to a halt
I swear to god its not my fault. Uncle sam made me do it.
I have the post traumatic stress.
Don't believe me, I can show ya first hand
Wait I mean first head.
You scratch and scrap
I lacerate and eviscerate.
I love to Cut and chop.
Im never gonna stop
Ya get the chilling frightening feelingwhen I have my arm drawn
This isn't a video game.
It aint pong
There is no respawn
Hacking heads all day fucking long


Sneak in at night while you sleep up in your bed
Not a peep as i creep and begin to hack that head
SLice an dice and cut an chop, never will i ever stop
Bodies lay up on the block, Steady screamin FUCK THE COPS
Last one i slayed , executed while i was on ex,
Cuddled with the body while i thought about who was next
Then began the for plan for rigor mortis coitus
Gotta work fast so i can get it while still moisten
Got a fucking stiffy, ha ha ha, man you get it?
Oh no i didnt, you fuckin right i did it
Slit the throat as a note at the same time that i finished
Instead of gold i hold blood as my riches.
Heres the lesson for all those that is listenin
The life you love can be taken when i choose to win
So hold dearly to what you love and whats right,
caus any of these days i could visit you in the night

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Sup Lo

sup Lo phat beat nice chourus, work on your gears bro
check out my page let me know what you think

Madwigged responds:

thanks. ill check that shit.

the darkness

hahaha...just your standard killing song...lol...this came out pretty raw. good eq-ing. if people are pissed that they cant hear the vocals, they need to turn up thier hearing aid. this is just back and forth muder, mayhem and madness. we'll have to come out with a more upbeat(less death) collab sometime. already started working on some DUI 2 lyrics, just need a gary ass pussy beat. haha

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May 29, 2009
5:38 PM EDT
Hip Hop - Modern
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