Chance of Me - Rock Song

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ok so first off I want to list my equipment used in this..

M-audio Fast Track Pro Interface
Shure SM-57
Fender Stratocaster
Crate GT65
Boss Noisegate

Now technical shit aside...
This song has a lot of meaning to me.. I wrote it for someone particular in my life..This song has a shitload of hours in it.. The drums,bass guitar, and piano are all made in fruity loops studio 5..The guitar work is all made by me and has tons of work on just one chord progression..

The solo in this song to me is probally one of my best to date.. I dont think i have written a better solo or song for that matter...

Im not a drummer so dont base this song from the drums.. they are their simply to keep tempo and fill the song...

Well give it a listen to and tell me what u think... Idc honestly since this was written for someone but if you have any critique then lay it on me



I really like it, man. It could definitely use some words. I love the other review, saying it was bland and like all the other mainstream stuff. I'd take that as a compliment.
Solo was pretty good man. Could be turned down a bit, and some delay added, would give it a shitload of depth and feel.

I voted 5, because "way too mainstream" ( I fixed the spelling and used the proper two*and not the vote*) is harder to do than people think. haha.

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Mushroomhead18nc responds:

haha thx bro... I guess mainstream is kinda hard.. just depends on what style you play on guitar.. metal is very hard to play mainstream just because no one listens to metal as much as they would these shitty bands you hear on the radio.. even though metal is a harder genre to pull off as a guitarist.. its not as a vocalist.. unless you do some ozzy type stuff where only the instrumentals are metal.. which that rarely works out.. dragonforce tryed it and no one really likes them..


i say and A for effort. but honestly sounds like ur typical every day song some guy would write. no spark, just ur basic chord progression and an average solo. i bet the person u wrote this for has already heard a combination of riffs that sounds exactly like this, especially if this person is into rock. learn some more advanced chords and riff patterns, way to mainstream man simple beat. i mean if u wanna win this person over u gotta have spunk. mix up the palm mutes be creative add some single string picks in between ur stums. its not a hard concept to grasp. since this probably came from the heart u might be okay. but ur gonna have to step it up dude. learn some sweeping scales or somethin. be creative. u prolly went like 3/5 to 7/5 to 2/4 to like 8/10 on the e and a string... but im just tryin to help ya out man. good luck to ya... cause ull probably need it

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Mushroomhead18nc responds:

actually i tend to write all my songs like this because I do have a band.. and if my singer wants to take my song and throw some lyrics on it... its easier if the verses and choruses just repeat itself.. if lyrics are in the song then most people dont pay attention to the guitar anyway.. so thats why everything is so repetitive.. this would say way better in a band perspective with everyone playing their own instruments.. but me as a guitarist trying to write drum tracks its just hard for me to do..I write alot of techno songs more than anything.. so its hard to write these modern rock type drum beats.. hints why you hear the classic 1,3 bass and 2,4 snare with the hats on the 8ths or 1/4's..appreciate the review though.. I take everything someone says into point.. I dont get pissed if someone says something bad.. im trying to better myself as a musician

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May 28, 2009
11:44 PM EDT
General Rock
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