The Majuh

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(It's your kike on the mike... The Masked Jew!)

I'll rape you so hard, you'll get testicular torsion,
Then I'll taunt your bitch into spontaneous abortion,
Then I'll kill you both so your embryo's an orphan
And after that, I'll be so high on endorphins
That I'll shoot some speed directly in my scrotum
And my balls'll be happy 'cause the skin that coat 'em
Will surge with amphetamine urges that slow 'em
From cumming too soon like a 64k modem.
Then I'll cover my dick in your grandma's ashes
And dress up like my favourite fascists.
I'll parade around town, sieg-heiling to the masses
As my gerontion genitals decimate the asses
Of your former sisters, ages eight and ten,
Then I'll mainline some meth into my nads again
Then I'm'a turn my attention towards some men
When I parse your dad's urethra with a ballpoint pen.

Yo, I come all prepared so be scared
When I'm so ready to pull out each hair
From your daughter's pubis mons, like the Fonz
Winning like a guinea and working the long cons
And with my long johns, I'll leave your son sans
His anal cherry. I'll hit him like Barry Bonds
Hit that needle, like an anabolic alcoholic.
You're gonna wish that infant only had colic.
(I gave your baby boy AIDS. I don't regret it.)

And now I'll dig up your corpse and make your mama fuck it
As I turn your dead bitch into an erotic flesh puppet
And then of course she'll want to suck it.
There's controls in the uterus. My hand's now up it.
Uppity bitch likes a limp dick motherfucker.
I'll piss on Chris, but get down with another Tucker.
I'll kill, rape, steal and commit acts of treason
Just to spite you motherfucker. Give me a reason!
(Despite the violence, this song's in the majuh.)

"Chain of Fools" - Aretha Franklin
"D's Car Jam/Anxious Mofo" - The Minutemen
"Face Fisted" - Dethklok
"These Bones" - The Fairfield Four

I'm aware the vocals are too quiet. I'll mix it later... maybe.


crazy ness

this is some of the crazyiest shit iv heard on the net and the icp influence shows but this is a good song 5/5 10/10


since your aware on the vocals being quiet then i wont say that ha. this was a pretty cool song. The first and 3rd verse reminded me of ICP and the second verse reminded me of the Beastie Boys. The beat was cool to, i like the guitar sound, the dada da da da daaa.




TheMaskedJew responds:

Thanks man. Although I'm not personally a fan of ICP I'll take it as a compliment.

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May 27, 2009
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Hip Hop - Modern
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