{::} Devastation

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The very end is near.
You know it.
You can feel it.
The world is falling apart,
and there will be nothing left.
There is no hope.
None at all.

It is the end of the world...



I don't see the end of the world in this...

Maybe that's just me... But I see more of a sci-fi journey taking off... and everyone is nervous... and then they launch...

That's what I see...



ReFreezed responds:

Yep, it's just you. :P

Thanks for listeningggg!!!


i enjot listening to this its like the scene when spock's planet is put in a singularity in the new star trek this song would have gone amazing with that scene

ReFreezed responds:

Well, I haven't seen that movie. Yet... Anyway, I'm glad you like it.

simple, yet wonderful

The 'wood chime' turned out quite nicely.
I cant imagine this song with another sound to replace that.

While listening to this I imagined a lone helicopter circling the devastated ruins of what was New York City. The passenger, a soldier, sees what has become of it as memories of what it used to look like flash by.
He walks down the empty, cracked streets that were once filled with the life of children running, small shops opening, people walking to work, but is met with the harsh truth of what it is now. And as the sun sets, the statue of liberty remains, standing tall, still saluting its empty, desolate neighbor.

very nicely done
great work :)

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ReFreezed responds:

That's kinda how I thought when I made the song: A man walking down the empty streets among the ruins of a big city.

Thank you! :D


This is... devastating. Dang you, you titled the song with the word that best describes it! How could you do that? Argh!

Haha, jk. :P Really nice wood-chime (I guess that's what we're calling it?) I can tell a lot of work went into that! I can never get my delays right... any way, great ambience! Some parts are dissonant, which adds a lot to the feeling of everything being dead and blown away. Some of the chords you used really remind me of the desert, for some reason. That's a good thing, by the way.

The percussion and background effects didn't take over the melodic parts, which was really nice. I think everything here sits in it's little place nicely. :)

Awesome job, I'm downloading this for sure!


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ReFreezed responds:

Sorry? :P

Yeah, I like how the wood chime turned out as well. I didn't make the actual wood chime sound from scratch though, I just added the delay and reverberation. I think I can see how this reminds you of the desert with it's vast, dead planes of nothing but sand.

Yay for download! I'm glad you liked it that much :D

Very nice!

A very nice intro! I like the echo-ing wood-chime sort of sound, it is a very nice way to start the begining of this piece. Im not sure if thats an orchestral string sample or a choir in the begining as well, but it adds a lot of ambience and mystery to the song. I like the slight percussion in the song, that funny little "wahowahowaho" that is really faint. It is cool though!

Nice work man! 10/10 and 5/5!

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ReFreezed responds:

The echo of the wood chime was actually a small hell to get right so I'm glad you like the result. :)

Thanks for your review!

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