The Boss Theme from Megaman X,

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This is the Boss Theme from Megaman X. I've remade it with rock in mind. This is the first rock remix I've done due to problems I have with Guitars. I feel pretty satisfied with it though.

So, enjoy.

Edit: Attempted to tone it down, a bit...


Pretty good. But you're right...

Not a bad job here; you got the main theme right, and the loops were consistent; that's sort of all you can ask for a remix. But if you want to improve, you need to get better, and the only way is by practice.

Now, as far as content goes, while it is consistent, the drums are missing a few fills in between the main riff/theme that are included in the original. But the good news is you gave it a solid and consistent pattern, so it's not nearly as bothersome. The guitars, while they seem a little deep, not only is it confusing in terms of their rhythm forms, but also as guitar roles; I can't tell which one is a base guitar or a regular guitar, as well as some sounds within the guitar easily blend in to the drum/percussion notes, and it off-sets the balance.

However, since you made a good rendition of an 8-bit theme remixed as you have done so here, you do get some extra props. :)

My ruling

I would normally put a 4/5, and maybe an 8/10, but since you made this like an 8-bit theme, the score boosted. :)

Keep it up; one of these days you'll get the guitars down right. If you need to ask for help on something, I'm sure there's plenty on this site who can help you out. LEAFXCEED, Juguito, just to name a few, are great remixers, and they make themes that, if an artist wasn't shown, I'd say they came from the original creators themselves. They're that good.

You're a decent remixer as well; you just need to fix some kinks out and you'll be on their level. I do encourage you to give this another shot; while it is good, I'm sure when you improve you'll do much better. (Or maybe you already have and I didn't notice?)

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the bass is too much in your face

the bass is too loud and its sound like u Overloaded it. Other that that it was good

well keep it up.

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ReploidCiel responds:

Well, I think you might be comparing it to the -background noises-.
The guitar is the main tune, and it's rock. It's basically supposed to stick out over everything except the piano, which is supposed to be light in contrast.

So yeah, it's supposed to be like that.

I made this song intended for a lower volume. So sure, if you have say headphones on and turn your' volume up all the way, it might be a bit too thick for you.

Try playing it from your' speakers, or reducing the volume some for headphones and you might find it a more pleasurable experience.

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May 20, 2009
7:55 AM EDT
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