Crystalline Disbelief

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Recently someone who was familiar with my Curriemaster stuff asked me if guitar was the only instrument I played :(. The piano is my first instrument but a lot of the time I find it much more difficult to compose with (especially playing along to a click track). I also deeply dislike playing on keyboards, particularly this "affordable" semi-weighted one, so sometimes I avoid it.

This is a freestyle piece that I recorded today, its just the raw MIDI info going into that Kontakt grand piano (no other effects or processing) so its not perfect and there is no solid melody/theme. It also dances around fairly randomly at some parts...but thats life!




Great piano to listen to when you want some.

curriemaster responds:


Thanks for the review :D


as you may have noticed im going backwards here, for fucks sake, jesus christ on a bike, fuck me quick and call me susan! as if u play the old joanna mate, your melody is fantastic as is the support. The bridge and refrain stand out for their starkness in this piece, you have a wonderful touch and timing to your playing style which allows for you to be exceptionally expressive. I can't do this, and could never hope to, it just shows me up to be the pathetic musician that i am, and i aint asking for pity. YOU are a musician, im just a chancer mate who gets lucy from time to time. You need to focus on your piano work there is no doubt about that, share it, let us critique it. I don't care for your age, you are an exceptional talent, always were, more so now. straight 10.

curriemaster responds:

LOL yes another glorious review. You put so much more personality in your reviews than most people; makes them very fun to read. Im flattered you like the track as much as that, I also think its a pretty soothing, floaty kind of tune. Pretty good for something knocked out in 20 mins.

I would love to do more stuff like this but honestly my keyboard is a big pile of suck and coaxing some dynamic expression out of it is like wringing pineapple juice from an extremely dehydrated koala.

Much appreciate the comments mate.


This bad ass man. Thats all i can say oh yeah do some key stuff to my tunes :P

curriemaster responds:

Haha cheers dude, glad you like it :P. Sure I can try some laying down some keys on your songs, but I dunno if I can play fast enough XD. Thanks for the leaving a review!


Wow, amazing work dude, I love this.
The dynamics sound good, was this just a midi keyboard?

And freestyle.. just makes me go wow.

I could imagine this in a really emotional part of a game/movie.

curriemaster responds:

Hey thats a good review :D. Im using an M-Audio Prokeys 88SX to trigger the samples in Kontakt's grand piano. Glad you liked the song, and thanks very much for leaving a review :).


You did a great job for trying to avoid the keybord.

curriemaster responds:

Thanks very much, Im glad you liked the song! It came out better than I thought it would so maybe Ill do this more often :P. The review is much appreciated, cheers!

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May 15, 2009
8:33 PM EDT
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