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City streets
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I was listening to the "Streets" song in TimeSpitters 1 and thought that I wanted to do something similar. It's short 'n sweet. Probably not my best creation ever, but not too bad either.

Note to 0-voters: Fuck you! At least provide the REASON why you vote zero! >:(

Now, enjoy.


Car accident!!

What? Isnt it called City streets? Thats an awsome music anyway, its the fourth time i listen to it = )

ReFreezed responds:

The level in TimeSpitters is just named "Steets". I'm quite sure of that. Anyway, thank you, thierry! :)


I like the 3rd synth that kicks in. Lots. 2nd one. No :(

Sidechain. Yes. Could use it. Alot. Go do that. Now. Sir. Now.

Anyways, as for the rest. Reminded me of duke'nukem. Cheesy street game with awesome 16bit graphics.

Interesting work here.

ReFreezed responds:

3rd. Yay! 2nd. Aww. :(

I'm not sure what "sidechain" is. Do you mind explaining it for me? :S

Duke Nukem FTW! WOOT!!! No, I actually never played that game ._.

Well, thanks! :D

Review as I listen?

I like the starting synth, very nice. Kick roll is also cool. I'd like to hear a lot of reverb on that clap, though. ;) I like the whatever-you-call it synth that comes in at :28, can't see why other reviewers though it fell apart there :(

This is a song I think a good sidechained pad could fill up well. What do you say?

Pretty dancey, the percussion flows well, and I like the melody! Not much to say yet again, but still, nice job!


P.S. - my remix of "Redemption" is done. Sorry I haven't told you yet, but I hope you'll forgive me! http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/236468

ReFreezed responds:

*feels a bit relieved* I'm glad that someone liked that synth. :)

I thought using pads or strings at this point would make the song too crowded and messy. But I dunno...

Thanks for reviewing!

Aaand OMG, I'm so excited! Must. Listen. To. Remix! :O

it's o.k...

it nice, but too repetitive, maybe add some different notes and a different instrument too (less sharp sounding), so its not the same throughout the whole song.

ReFreezed responds:

I could see this coming. :) I didn't put that much work into this song so I didn't expect too much from it.

Anyway, thanks for your review!

started fine.

started out o.k. then twanky. The first 28sec. were fine then it just collapesed. if you would of let it stay the course it would of been better

ReFreezed responds:

Hmm, I thought I stayed on course throughout the song, even that it was a bit too repetitive. What do you mean it collapsed? Was the choice of instruments bad?

I'm confused here. :/

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May 14, 2009
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