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This is a work in progress and hopefully will become my greatest track ever once completed.

Word of advice: Turn up speakers, sit back and relax. This is a combination of several genres.

This track was made purely to attract people who pay attention to detail and appreciate well mastered house/trance tracks over mindless german hardstyle music.

If you rate I'd like some constructive criticism.



Every now and again I'll come by a song that really has an impact on me. Not sure how to explain it but it's like the song just clicks with me and it happened the first time I heard this. Not only is the atmosphere of the track really deep, the main melody and the synth that plays it just pulls me in every time (and boy does it shine in that last minute of the track). The structure is good, it builds well but there's parts about it I don't like. For instance, I feel there could be more to the drum track in this. It's just a kick and clap with 2, maybe 3 hat loops playing over them. First off, you'd be better off making your own hatlines man. For one, it's more original and makes it feel like your track more and two, some loops are really recognizable and it can ruin the song for you if you've heard the loops in it a million times over. I know progressive house is pretty repetitive by nature but that doesn't mean you have to follow suit. Try changing it up man. Do some insane fills, add some percs and try to variate in your hatlines and have them play different patterns in different parts. Stuff like that, you know? Hell, you can even just slice up those loops and go crazy with them. Whatever works for you!

Other than that, I can't really pick at anything. It's mixed well, all the instruments blend with each other and the track flows like water. Great job and good luck in your future productions!

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....Don't you master this a bit, add some HOMEMADE orchestral pads, as a buildup at the end, and try to get this track out to people. I, to be honest, think its near professional, but needs less preset-sounding elements to it, the overall lead that starts at 106 is nice, but the one following it sounds like a preset, the choir sounding one. If this was made in reason that makes me appreciate it all the more, but if it was made in FL Failio than I can't appreciate it as much, seeing as most of the people who say they're not using presets are liars.

If it was made in Reason 4, or Cubase kudos to you my friend. Best of luck!

Pretty cool!

Really smooth and great. I have nothing to point out :) I'm looking forward to the final mix!

this is actually really good

people on newgrounds are fags most of the time, i keep getting 0-bombed, and that shit really pisses me off.
but this is a really nice song, man.
buildup's a little slow, but the song is 6 min long, so whaddya expect.
but anyways, something more flowing that spans out to fill the empty space (echo
doesnt count) could help during the slower parts to keep attention.

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Whittaker responds:

I don't mind. If that's what they gets them off, then let the babies have their bottle. What I do love and what makes me want to continue uploading stuff to Newgrounds, is the dedicated few who back up their vote with a reason. I really need your criticism to improve the quality of this track.

I will try to add some more elements and tighten the buildup.

Thank you very much for taking your time to rate and comment my track! You've been a great help!

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May 13, 2009
9:15 PM EDT
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