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I started making this in March and slowly, ever so slowly, added to it when I had time (which wasn't much, as I was doing a theatrical production at the time), until it was, in my mind, finished. It was originally meant to be a test of a vocoder - just the first time I added my vocoded voice to a beat - which may be why it's so short. Whereas Get Up was a bit of a rush job, this is pretty much the opposite.
I had a little trouble getting my voice to sync up with the music - I have no sense of keeping beat, you see, and I couldn't record the audio in FL Studio because this computer is old and has terrible latency.
Tell me what you think, though - if it's good or if it's bad. If you don't like it, give constructive criticism - don't just say 'THIS SONG SUCKS!'
Well, that's pretty much it....


I've got to keep on going (16x)

It's too late
You had your time
You blew the chance
You did your crime

Wasted time's
Caught up to you
And now you're trapped
I wish you knew

Got to return
Got to keep on going

Got to return
Got to keep on going

I've got to keep on going (8x)

EDIT 1/3/10 (3/1/10 for the non-American world): #24 on Best Tracks Ever! Yay!
This is my third song to have gotten here, and I hope my later (and somewhat better) songs will get on the chart as well...
Happy new year!

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Work on the details

Small detail but maybe every fourth "I've got to keep on going" in the beginning could have a longer "going" with the pitch lowered at the end? Maybe it's just my personal opinion but that's just what goes through my head, feel free to use it or ignore it. Anyway, good song maybe increase volume on the non-vocals and mix it up a bit. I won't vote because it would lower the rating, and I feel like this song has a lot of potential.

well i like it

i like the voice that way. the robot feel to it makes it sound a lot more motivating. the more emotionless the better. sure picked me up. but i think it should be cut a little earlier.


i dont rlly like your voice but the rest is great :D

I can see where you're headed...

I like the background, but the void needs work. It's a great idea - but the I really wish it came out smoother, a bit louder, and that the sound level was consistent. As it is, if fades in and out, which is kinda annoying, and it spikes a little harshly on some syllables. Fix that up, and it will be pretty solid.

The filler in between lyrics could be a bit more exciting as well. Perhaps another loop or two in between parts?

flight39 responds:

Yeah. The voice definitely needs work. In this song, I didn't understand vocoders as much as I do now, and since I had just started making even acceptable music in January, I can say that this song is kinda boring.

It doesn't help that I'm doing the recordings with a headset mic on an incredibly slow comp with plenty of latency, but that's a question of money, which I can't really fix. That the voice fades in and out and spikes? I didn't really know how to normalize back then, which probably would have done me some good.

I'm at least pretty sure I'm better at things now, which begs the question of why my earlier tracks keep appearing on Best Tracks Ever and my later, better ones don't. I think some of my songs, like my latest one, Number Twelve, or Break Free version 2, or Plan One, you'd like better.

Thanks for the feedback,

Good, but the voice...

If you would have some (good) female vocals in there instead of that robot voice, it would be better. I would give the song itself an 8, but the voice is just too annoying.

flight39 responds:

Ah well. I was just stepping out into music when I made this. Somehow my earliest tracks keep making it onto the Best Tracks Ever category, when the latest ones, which are the ones I really want to promote, never get noticed.

That this song is incredibly generic I don't doubt, and I agree with you that female vocals would make it better. However, this song has been up too long to change, and I can't quite make myself better in April, no? :P

I've made some better songs since. Plan One, Break Free (only version 2) and Number Twelve (demo so far) are all better in my opinion, and I'm sure you'd find at least one of them good.

Thanks for the review,

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May 13, 2009
8:40 PM EDT
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