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Lowerd the volume a bit because the song was just to loud.

Yes yes i know this remix is overdone. But hey! I love it! And i tried to give it a unique twist! The original one was a Trancestep song and this one that i made is a Breakcore song!

The original song is from ParagonX9 Chaoz Phantasy. Envy helped me create the Arp wich i am very thankfull :). But the rest f the song i did myself! Wich took me a good while thou! Anyways! enjoy this song!
And you can pass by my website if you want!


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Not bad

Yeah not bad, its still a little repetative like that other guy said below this post. But its still good.

There are alot of these out aren't there O.o have you heard MorganKing's ChaosPhantasy remix? its pretty good.

YouriX responds:

Thanks for the honest review. I'll try to make my songs to variet more :)
But i never heard of MorganKings or maybe i did but dont remember :)

I like it!

I don't have anything constructive to say though
a quick peek at my stuff will probably tell you why haha

YouriX responds:

LOl!! Well i am glad you took your time to review anyways!

aha. not bad but...

I half agree with slip streamer but he's being way too dick about it with out being helpful at all. First off, the amen break is great for learning how to slice a beat and rearrange it, but the amen break got old back in 95. People who are just getting into dnb love it because it's pretty obvious that it's a good sound, but I kid you not when I say everyone has had their dick up in that break. Seriously, using the amen break will get you aids... well... it won't, but I'm just trying to make an analogy here that we can laugh at and maybe learn something from. What I'm trying to say is that it's just been really overdone.

A better technique for drum programming is to layer different sounds to make new drum kits. In order to get a really good snare, layer around four other snares on top of each other. As you get better at this, you'll understand what makes a good snare. Typically try to get sounds that hit different areas of the sound spectrum. Start with a really typical jazz/funk snare for the mid frequencies, then get a really low sound (sometimes I use a bass kick and hide it in there.) Then get a really high sound like a 909 snare (sometimes I use cymbals instead but that takes a little modulation). Then I'll throw on an additional snare for character. Then use a compressor/ equalizer to cut/boost specific frequencies. You can do all this to your kicks as well.

Now for your description of paragons track as "breakbeat" and this as "drum and bass." Well that's sort of right, but paragons song was within the average bpm of a dnb song and was in fact dnb, specifically trance step. Now if I really wanted to be a dick I could say that this track isn't really dnb. It's breakcore. But all this is genre admiring is worthless shit. Adhering to genres will only help you improve at making said genre. When it comes right down to it, music is music and genres only muddy things up and get people to argue over and over again about meaningless shit. Take indy for example. Indy isn't really anything new. It's just rock music. Plain and simple. The term indy came from the idea that a band was independent from a label and therefor had to pay their own fucking bills. For some reason though people misunderstood that idea and started calling all music that sounded like rock "indy." Then "indy labels" started poping up. A complete fucking paradox. You see what I'm getting at? I'm pissed at how indy has come to be and it really doesn't matter at all. Fuck genres.

Ok, back to the review. Not a bad reese you have going. It's sounding really simple though. Modulate that beast. Pitch bend, automate the frequencies to cut over time, layer it with another less typical sounding reese. Make it shine. Experiment. What you have here is classic, but there's so much more that can be said and done.

A few little things that got to me: your voice at the beginning of the track. I can read thank you. I knew what I was listening to before the track even loaded up. It just sounds silly. Get rid of it. I listened to a few of your other tracks too... stop announcing your songs. The only reason I can think of why some one would do that is to protect their stuff from getting stolen, but I really don't think your good enough for that to happen to and for it to even matter if it did. Those crowd cheering samples were also really silly. Those belong in trance genres and they always sound really cheesy. Drop em.

Now, I know this may have seemed like a hard review, but I'm only leaving this because I feel like you have a lot of potential. There so much to learn, you just have to be active in your quest for knowledge. I'm sure you do this, but you have to try something new in every song you make. Keep learning sir and I'm sure you'll be able to cock slap slip streamer next time he stops in on one of your tracks.

Peace sir.

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YouriX responds:

Aah! Now this is a review! I can learn from! Anyways! I didnt know i made Breakcore! That sounds pretty cool!

But back to the review as i read thru your comment you really put some attention to my Drum sampeling. Well I guess i should go back to the books as one would say, and do some seriues drum layering. But since i am kinda of a newbie to the DnB world i like hearing the Amen drums. But your right if i keep using it i might get aids :( *aids of unoriginalty!*

But uuuh i like anoucing my songs it sounds cool :P
Also the cheering effect i hardly never use it and i thaught it would be cool to add it.

But i am glad you took i mean really took your time to review and not be a dick about it and also since i kinda know you because like me your a Audio forum Elite a older one wich makes you more elite then me :P
I respect your opinion and will try to improve. I do want to be original so making my own drumloops would help me achieve that!


I'm not even going to bother to leave a long review on this...

But my short summary would be:

Composition sucks, mastering sucks, mixing sucks, and... amen break?

Has some potential but you did it all wrong.


YouriX responds:

Okay i guess i should summary also :P

Well by saying you hate the composition you insulted Envy but also me >:(

Second mastering? what are talking about?

Third I spend a lot of time mixing and EQing the song and there is no clear shot or a one way style to mix songs. Music is subjective.

Fourth whats so bad about the amen break? I sliced it added the hihat and also humanized them.

But i guess i cant make evreybody happy huh? But i have to give it to ya you might be right i dont know but will see. I guess you had a hard day reviewing peoples songs? I dont know.. But a advice to you if your going to review other peoples songs point out the good first and slowy introduce the negative. I myself wont make a big deal out of this but other people might.
thanks for the comment by the way

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