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So it seems I got some haters out there voting low on my music. I personally don't care but if you are going to vote low at least leave a review as to why you are voting low. It would be a little bit better. But hey its the fucking net, so fuck those who vote low and don't leave a proper review. Go fuck yourselves. If you can't appreciate good music then click the back button don't be a dickhead. Thanks!

Song: This is another track I forgot about, I was trying out some different lead and rhythm tones I think it turned out ok but I don't really care for this song as much. Enjoy I guess.


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It's not one of yuor best, but it's one of your better songs, and I agree with the long ass review guy, it's a good idea to grow and spread to other genre's aswell, and I wouldn't hate you if you played other instruments or suddenly switched over to techno, it doesn't bother me. Anyway keep up the good shit, I want to hear more from you.

Turned out okay?!

Are you kidding? Just hearing the first fifty seconds blew me away. How can you underestimate this sickness? I can't wait to listen to your other audio!

Driven to Try Something Different (You Rock!)

I don't understand how you don't care much for this one... it sounds just as well or even better than some of the tracks you've recently released. Those tracks lack the polish and the bass and drum work that this one happens to have. Actually, this one is pretty damn cool.

The fact that I often review the stuff that I also DOWNLOAD should give you some smile on your face. I might download without giving a reason to the author, but for some guys who've been ticking for a long time, I have to.

By the way... on your "Pezuzu" submission, who performed vocals? Just curious (and if the answer is terribly obvious, then I'm also retarded).

Anyway, this track tries different things, and that's the sign of a competent musician. I ain't slinging shit at Xeno for trying Ska or Funk genres because I'm not so shallow as to think that people should stick to just one thing. It's the way I play Devil's Advocate for Metallica.

Now, if you ever took up a different position in a band... somewhere other than killer leads... then I wouldn't hold it against you. However, lead guitar is your strength, especially your technically proficient and wild-on-amphetamines solos. The passion and latin vibe pulsing through each note doesn't kill us, either! If you left to do rhythm or bass, or drums (positions I would fill, should I take up music late in life), then I wouldn't hold you to anything, or criticize you. You're developing as a musician, and that's it.

The O Voters are the kind of people who bash Metallica's Load albums. They think you should stick to lead guitar, and Metallica to straight-up thrash (something they happened to pioneer). But if musicians, artists, and especially doctors didn't bother to try out new things and learn and stay adaptable and current, then their skills would wane and become forgotten, hackneyed, or worse, lives could be lost (in the case of doctors). It's important that you try things out or find new ways to mess around.

Post-Script: This song is awesome!

JonSantiago responds:

Holy crap that is alot to read lol. I appreciate the long ass review. It would have been better on one of my serious track hehe jk. This track is more of an idea than a song. Yeah its like 3 min long but I know I could add so much more to it. And will probably do so here in a month or so. I kind of wanna take my time with the track to really write out an epic ass song lol. I am defentily growing as a musician, trying new things/ideas out every other day is pretty damn fun I must say. Why stick to one genre when there are many others to explore! That's how feel a musician lately.

Zero voters can die, I can never really understand why people do that because of music. Music is'nt a competition. Its about the freedom to express oneself in a certain genre or many different genres. Since music so damn express and progresses everyday with new and exciting or not so exciting ideas, it is still music non the less.

About "Pezuzu" one of my good friends and ex singer sung that track. With the help of the other guitarist at the time Shane doing the growls. Good song I miss playing it. But hey what can you do? Thanks for the in depth review.


I am leaving a review as to why I voted so low.

It's because I love you, I'm doing this for your own good MJ!

The soloing in the beginning sounds a lot like Testament's Alex Skolnick. I'm sure you may have picked up a couple of licks off of this guy. He is definitely one of the most underrated guitarists.

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Hugz & Kissies
- Xeno

Another fitting title!

I don't know why, but it sounds like it could be featured in one of those brutal Sonic video games: it has the perfect amount of adrenaline rush inducing shredding, as well as rhythm IMO. :)


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May 9, 2009
6:55 PM EDT
Heavy Metal
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