(_RGH_)Sadie's Jungle(lullaby)

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Last song of the (school) year, its been fun, expect much more in the near future :D

This song originated one night at a usual hang out spot. A friend Sadie, who may or may not have had too much to drink, decided that I should make her a song. She wrote it down on a piece of paper.

This is what she put down(verbatim):

Song Title: Sadie(Jungle Lullaby)

parrots...in the jungle
gentle rain fall
-break into techno beats
(poem with blueberry rain)
build up...climax...stop
soft lullaby...

I accepted her challenge. I think you'll see I followed the guidelines pretty well.

The poem, in case you were wondering, came from a lyric writing exercise in which I was supposed to write a ten line poem in ten minutes. It was also to include 5 of fifteen words listed and put a spin on a popular saying. Haha, it was weird, the result came out really strange

Here's the poem(recorded on audacity):

Every blue sky holds clouds,
that lick the rain like
blackberry droplet crowds.
They voice their dismay
as mother whirs her lament,
while puddles fill broken lands
frozen like cement.
When the cliff is breached,
Don't count on the needle in the hay stack
This will not...end...well

The lullbay is like a whole new song, probabaly gonna do some more work on it once i get back home to my baby grand :D



That's a pretty weird request you got here, but i think you really did a great job ^^
But i do have some points of criticism. The beginning with the jungle sounds is really soft and i think you could turn it up. Also, that thunder strike should be louder than it is now and maybe you could fade the techno beat in halfway through the thunderstrike... if you know what i mean :P
Let me explain. The ''-'' represents the thunder strike and the ''_'' represents the techno beat.
And the techno beat should fade in. I think :P
The beat itself is pretty good and when more stuff is added to it it sounds really nice. The voice however, is pretty low :P If you didn't put lyrics in your description i never could've guessed what you were saying.
And then, like you said, a whole new song starts :P
I really like the lullaby. It has a really nice beat and that piano is just amazing. The sounds itself is great and also what it is playing is beautiful.
Now, the things i'm about to say are completely my own opinion. And i'm talking about the outro.
I really don't like it when an outro is just fading out. It just doesn't give me the feeling that the song is really complete. What i would've done is a crash under that piano note at 02:57 and then echo the crash out, not just continueing the beat and fading it out. But again, that's my personal preference.
Well, i hope my review is somewhat helpful, and if not, i hope you enjoyed reading it :P

RyeGuyHead responds:


all of those points were very valid, and I will have fun implementing them

I have something to say...

Read the advice that I give to you for the remixes below:

When you're about to submit the remixes about my videos, don't put the (_RGH_) thing you alwas put in your submissions, but don't put it in my videos' remixes you're doing now because I'm making albums that are the same title of my videos, so don't put the (_RGH_) thing so the titles of the songs and their albums are alike when I download this and put them in an album with the same name of the songs. Remember, the songs need to be the Industrial genre because the videos that I uploaded for you to remix them are about constructions. Sorry, I wrote way too much.

RyeGuyHead responds:

Thanks for clearing things up.

I'll have your industrial construction worker's song done latet this week...

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