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KTR/WF1 Moments of Inspiration

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"Artists never finish their masterpieces... They just put down their brushes..."

Josh and I tend to put down our brushes a lot actually, lol. Fortunately for me, I never wanted to put mine down for the song "Moments of Inspiration" that I made last summer. After multiple failed attempts at improving it, I asked Wyldfyre1 (Don) if he could give me a few pointers on what I should do next to maybe add a more "full" sound to my piece. Little did I know the awesomeness that would ensue.

Don did more than make it sound more full... He brought the song to a whole new level! After hours of work, he came up with what we have now. Hopefully you all enjoy this song as much as we enjoyed putting it together. It truly was a "Moment of Inspiration" (he made me say it!!!).

As usual, feel free to leave a review and let us know what you imagine when you hear this song. Wyldfyre1 imagined an epic fight scene in an anime or something while I imagined some sort of sweet boss fight in an rpg.

And don't forget to vote!

check out Wyldefyre1s music at http://wyldfyre1.ne wgrounds.com/

check out the original at http://www.newgrounds.c om/audio/listen/165156

3rd best of the week? Not too shabby! Thanks again to WF1 for helpin me take this song to the next level and thanks to Josh for making me pick up music in the first place.

Also... there are a few rumors going around that there may be a remix bein worked on by another popular Newgrounds artist... Keep checkin back for more details!

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This song is one of those songs that are hard to come by. This song is a great song. I especially love the nice melodic theme played on the strings and drums really just give this song that push to 5 stars!

Final thoughts....
The main melody is easy to remember and pretty catchy. The beat aren't too present BUT they don't overtake the rest of the song.

Sorry for the short review.

reminds me of chrono cross and final fantasy

Hi again from Germany for the next level

*gosh* Quite some time passed since my last review on your previous version of this song in August 2008. Ever since I waited for the next attempt to gain a 10 from me - do you remember? You even wanted to notify me ;)

Luckily I recalled to look after it myself and dig around on NG and found it - a whole year after you transmitted it. O.o But this doesn't mean you won't get a review from me anyway :-P

And again you proved that some kind of epic boss battle, dreamful sceneries in a glorious rpg type game like the Final Fantasy series or Zelda fits best to it. The heroic line is clearly heard in the melody of this beautiful song.

I really like many things you and Wyldefyre1 rearranged.
At 2:17 the underlined piano melody was a nice idea - would have been also a fine interludium to do some canon-thing-like parts or bring out the side melody while dropping the main melody for a short period of time. If you understand what I mean.
At about 2:40 you introduced some kind of chorus in the background, making it sound more epic and giving the whole song a small climax. I like it a lot.

But also there are some parts I dislike - not meaning I do so for the whole song.
That short transition at 2:02 is a too hard interuption for the ever existing flow in the rest of the song. Although the sound quality in overall is very improved, your original instruments or melody line sounds a little bit "washed-out" (especially the piano). I liked the clear sound in the previous version better.

Finally, this is a new version I also like - a 5/5 is an obligation - but your aim to get a 10/10 from me I cannot grant. Maybe, because it is so extremely hard to make a last stunning improvement without producing some negative effects too.
Neithertheless a well done work, and worth the effort you both put in it. I really appreciate that - without such ambitious musicians the world would be a lot poorer. So: thumbs up ^.^

I see you and Wyld work together nicely. . .

I would LOVE to hear a remix of this one too! Man, how long have you guys known one another? Did you meet through Newgrounds music or what? I just can't believe how well the two of you work together. It's almost as if you were seperated at birth. Heh heh heh
This was JUST over 3 minutes of bliss, Guys. Three whole minutes of ambient sounds that allow to me to carry on, with my daily tasks as I listen as well. Sort of background music to keep me going through this monotonous grind.

Was this originally written for something specific or was this a project all on its own? Just curious. That's all. It sounds as if it WAS written for greatness. A scene intro a game preview or for credits, perhaps? Hmmm. . . Hell, I almost wish I was an animator and I'd make something for this to be coupled with. Such a lovely piece. That's about all I can say. You guys did a FABulous job and I certainly hope to hear more very, very soon, my friends. Until that day comes. . .

.............Take care, be good and hang onto those you work well with.
They are far and few between.period

KTRECORDS responds:

Well, KTRECORDS is made of Josh Kemp and Jason Turner (me). WF1 is a musician all on his own that enjoyed reviewing our stuff. We just kinda started talkin and decided to do a couple of collabs. We are in no way related actually, lol. WF1 is a pasty white dude and I am a giant black guy, lmao! We do enjoy a lot of the same things from games, music, to anime.

Moments of Inspiration was originally a song that was created by me. WF1 liked it so much that he wanted to add onto it, so then this version came out. There is also a remix on his acct that he and F-777 collabed on.

Moments of Inspiration wasn't created for any particular reason other than I felt like makin a song randomly. Glad you liked it, man.


inspirational? yes :D

For some reason, this gave me ideas for my next movie :) Maybe it's because of the good, calm feeling that this song produces inside me every time I listen to it :) I favorited this, and I am giving you a 10/10 and a 5/5. Keep up the good work :D

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May 6, 2009
3:25 AM EDT
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