DjSc00p - Kathy (Demo)

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Demo for a song im working on. Progress is extremely slow cause im not on FL these days. Its really simple, no percussion or FX so far. This is the plain and simple demo so far.

This song is quiet so turn your speakers up a lot to make it loud and enjoyable.

Its called Kathy cause my friend wanted me to name a song with her name lol.

Enjoy. Give some suggestions/criticism.

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that just raped my ass by a long shot
u might as well send a 4 ton bullet to my crotch

DjSc00p responds:

LOL :]

Nice Structure..

I agree with Envy, I was expecting some sort of Piano or or light bass upriving from the start, just to preview an idea of the melody.. like some chords or something. It's a great piece of music right now, although something is missing.. I don't know excactly, but it might need like lyrics, or a softer lead maybe? ^^

Ah well, hope you see what I mean, Keep it up! :)

DjSc00p responds:

Yeah ill add a few small piano notes maybe :D Hmm..missing something? Maybe its cause its missing FX and percussion haha. I didnt work on that yet :D. Well im really lazy and not working on fl for now so i hope i can finish this some time later when im in the moood :D Thanks for the review!

hmm, yea

There's something in it, try to get it out of it.
Dont make this part of the song to long, otherwise it get's repetetive.

This kick may indeed be a little more kicking.

DjSc00p responds:

There's something in it, try to get it out of it? I dont get what you mean by that xD. Yeah, im going to try to not make it repetitive, unless i want to give it a progressive feel. The kick is strong enough when you turn the volume loud :] Thanks for the review!

Nice intro :D

Is kathy ur girl ^^ naughty boy.. rrr.. lol, back to song.. Good intro as i said, and yes i agree with envy, it could use some piano too, and it sounds like the kick came in to early, and it needs more "kick" then this.. can't hardly hear it :D


keep it up, can't wait to hear the full ^___^

mind check out my newest? its 30 sec long :D

DjSc00p responds:

LOL no shes not my girl, just a friend. I'll put in the piano keys when i continue this song. The transitions of course will be added and stuff, this is just a raw small demo lol. The kick is too weak? I think you need to turn up the volume lol. The song was made with low volume so you need to turn up the volume to get the sound right. Ill check your song out :D Thanks for the review.

Good start ^^

What I personally think the start may have been lacking was some light piano. I really could have heard some very light piano even playing minimal keys, but still playing. After that, the melody is very catchy and easy to bob your head to.

I think you should expand on this, maybe work on the transition to the kick a little more. Once you've got that I can hear some real nice counter-melodies making their way into this. Keep this up! Kathy will be proud :3

DjSc00p responds:

Piano? Hm..ill think about it. I wasn't going to put piano cause i just wanted to start it off like this but maybe it will help, and ill try it out. Yeah, im adding the transitions and stuff later on, and i just want to get the basic format of the song for now :D I'll get to the complex stuff later lol. Counter-melodies? Is that like new melodies based off the first one? But yeah, i hope i can make this song really good and kathy better be prooud! Thanks for the review!

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May 4, 2009
6:33 PM EDT
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