Brave New World

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This was created for a competition at CGEmpire.com, for the phrase "A Brave New World"

I envisioned pretty much an exact scenario. But I'm curious to see what people see in there minds while listening to this.

It's short because the contest required a certain time.

The equipment was mainly Symphony Of Voices, and Peter S. Advanced Orchestra, plus a number of synth plugins.

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Certainly cool.

Second song I've heard by you and it's pretty neat. Truly not bad, it just makes me a little sad.

nathanallenpinard responds:

Hmmmm....sad? That's an odd feeling you'd get with this piece. It's quite uplifting and has that sci-fi feel to it.

Uplifting, and certainly inspiring

A decent prelude, building up an emotion and a certain mysterious feeling.

Interesting that this is such a positive/positive feeling song when 'Brave New World' conjures up distinctly dystopian visions for most people, myself included. An interesting spin. Does this perhaps mean that a sinister reality lurks under a hopeful veneer, waiting to burst the surface? Food for thought.

This piece, when the horns come in, as well as the other instruments, gains its musical crux and high-point then. Nice use of chord progression, especially where the half-step to the next major key occurred at around 1:33ish.

Not a bad piece all things considered. Good job.

nathanallenpinard responds:

An very nice in-depth review. Much thanks!


music like this gives me hope for the future.

i personally would have liked to hear more percussion in it, but that minor complaint is the only one i can fish out of my brain - everything else is magical!

of course except for the length, but that is explained by the contest time limit.

very, very, very good!

nathanallenpinard responds:

Well it's possible I could've extended it. I may later re-do this piece when I have time.

So let's do thiz

I've been following you lately but mostly avoiding ever to review your songs. Mostly because i don't have something (witty) to say Oo. But i'll try my best to make some sort elaborate review.
Now i must admit, this sounds 'epic'. For some reason the way you change chords remind me of the Danny Elfmann style or Hans zimmer which is a compliment. It has a eerie and mysterious feel to it (That;s why i like Danny Elfmann too ). It also reminds me of a great door opening to a different world with wonders and magic beyond the horison. Geuss that's pretty much what you where going for and you succeeded.
Now, i did hear some synths in there i believe. If im not mistaken a Saw-ish pad but my ears tricked me before. What saddens me that it's actually just one HUGE buildup to absolutely nothing. You could easily extend it make it a proper classical song. ( Have no clue what you thought while making this ).

Your music sounds alot like Film-music, but also more then that. It captures an emotion, a scene or a moment while still doing something else. Geuss that's your magic touch. What i like about classical music is the amount of effort and detail can go in such large pieces. EDM ( Electronic Dance Music ) in general copy paste alot and recycle patterns while simply adding stuff. Classical music tends to make things large, and adds small intruments for small details. It's like chocolate sprinkles on a delicious vanilla icecream .. Sorry i'm drifting off. The immens 'Wall o' Sound' feeling does apply to this song. How you did it i don't know. You also made it really realistic with mostly samples and synths (?). For quality like this i think of going to a show where real intruments play. But above all, it's good orchestrated and it sounds damn nice. Mixing is excellent too. I can't really add anything more then maybe extend it. Maybe add some more percussions like timpani's (?). I don't know the name of those intruments but you catch my drift, those low percussions. I also noticed you used a synthised choir if i'm not mistaken. It blends in really well. You tend to prefer strings above all other things don't you? Maybe try going for some midrange brass.

So in short. Excellent sound and melody. Would like an extended version.
It actually sounds like a movie trailer :/. If you would add a 'Massive' door unlocking sound effect around around 1.02 and some random quotes from the movie itself you would have an instant movie trailer. That's what 'They' do aswell.

I know you from the Unforgotten Realms theme song which is excellent btw. But i was really suprised when you got on Newgrounds. This isn't really the place for music like this. It actually saddens me that all of your songs got Zero-Bombed. You go fairly unoticed aswell. Might give you up for the underdog of NG. Maybe someday, i can also make stuff like that around my 30's :D.
Till then!!


nathanallenpinard responds:

Much thanks for the extensive review. I wanted to write more, but the time limit in the competition was really short.

Initially, the piece was written for a sci-fi experience, with the discovery of a Brave New World. Almost at the climax of the piece is when the world is scene with the sun peaking over it. A Brave New World that the fleet has been searching for, for ages.


Dude i cant believe you joined newgrounds! Great music btw.

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May 4, 2009
12:03 PM EDT
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