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This is a happy 8-bit melody based on a song I was taught in school. Simple, clean &...happy.

For those who want to listen to songs like Trump Card Alteisen, this isn't what you're looking for and I'm sure about that. Please wait a few days since I will upload something similar...=)

You can find more information about this song, as well as alternate download links here:



Personal opinion here, but I think that you should add a fourth instrument, or a light percussion. Sure 8-bit can consist of this amount of instruments, and yes it sounds fine (the repeat is annoying though because it does that 5 note pattern like 9 times in a row), although some fillers to it would make it sound more complete. The bass does sound good and fills a bit, although that doesn't change that some more would be nice. Three instruments is DEFINITELY better than 2 in this instance though.

rtnario responds:

Oh well, really, I was actually bored and this was meant to be a joke or something, but I just added it to my discography anyways XD I guess it is, haven't really experimented so much with looping things, in fact you probably know that the only two songs I made to be very loopable are this one and Boss Battle!. Oh, and the melody isn't original, it's actually something taught to me in school XD Oh well, thanks!


i would almost expect to hear this in a pokemon game lol.

anyway nice work i like most of what you do

rtnario responds:

It would fit very well, though. :D Thanks.

that was nice :)

I would like to know what you used don't have to if you don't want to..

nice simple music to listen to or use on a flash
it's very nice you should make more :)

( there's this thing called ~famitracker~ which is used for nes music you should
try it! )

rtnario responds:

Magical 8Bit Plug. Small, free and awesome. And I dunno, this was really just a random track I made out of boredom, not meant to be serious XD



More 8-Bit music to the world!


rtnario responds:

Thanks yet again! Although this piece is just 8-bit, it's also just 8-bit. That doesn't make sense as of now, but I'm not at the state of mind to think of a twist that'll make that sound wise. XD


hm it sounds crappy, its just 8 bit, and im really not sure whether this was a joke or not, but, hey! World needs music like this. IIII'm not happy with that, but, shit, i like this stuff.
9/10 4/5

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rtnario responds:

Hmm, thanks for the...mixed review I guess =)

Yes, this song was half-joke and half-serious. Half a joke since I created it out of boredom. Half-serious since people making odd happy Flash animations may find this useful.

If you're not happy with 8-bit, you may want to check out the other song I mentioned in my description, "Trump Card Alteisen". You'll see that I'm not actually an 8-bit audio artist. ^^

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May 4, 2009
6:03 AM EDT
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