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[DJZ] Underwater (Remix)

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Well the full title is "HelthRMX's Underwater Remix (DJZ Remix)". HelthRMX did a remix of someone else's song and he called it "Underwater" (go check it out now!) and so I decided that I'd remix his song, so this is a remix of a remix xD

i don't think in any way, shape, or form that this is better than the original. In fact, I prefer the original myself. I just thought it'd be cool to provide a new way of listening to this great song for those who are more accustomed to THIS type of music rather than the original's. So yeh...... I don't consider this my best work. It's going to be VERY hard to top Galaxy and Reflective Energy.

I'm still trying at top 5 xD maybe 13th time "lucky", eh? LAWL


BPM: 133
Patterns: 13 (I didn't work on it that much)
Made In: 2.5 Hours
Made With: Fruity Loops Studio 8

LOL! Hey I just realised, this is my 13th attempt at top 5 (out of 33 songs), the BPM is 133 (so theres a 13 at the start), and there are 13 Patterns. LOL! this is DEFINITELY the (un)luckiest song out there xD

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Have to say this does fit the title as all the sounds except fro the drums have an underwater feeling to them actually. The wet synth and bass just flow along very smoothly and create a very nice song. Could see this as an excellent dance song or maybe as a tune for an underwater boss battle in a really hard game as well.

The overall flow just seems to tell its own story as if you had just gotten underwater and you have to navigate the sewers and a few dirty areas to make it back to the surface to survive. Just as you come to the exit a boss appears and blocks your way. Defeating it is the only way out.

Overall, a pretty solid beat but the bomb sound effect kind of got overused in some places, nice job.


I'm typically not a fan of trance. But! I shall try to be as objective as possible.

This has a lot of cool sounds and synths in it. But it really lacks direction. It seems to be a lot of single minded sections that really do not build on top of one another. There needs to be something that holds all of these sections together. You have the bricks, just not the mortar at the moment.

Maybe adding some transition measures in between sections would create some stability. Right now it just seems like it is seperate sections smashed back to back.

The synths are good choices, and you writing is not shabby at all. You just have to take the next step in your writing. Make the sections fit more of an overall concept, rather than individual concepts within the song.

4/5 and 8/10 overall.


DJ-Zoysa responds:

thanks a lot that's the first review in a while that has given me sometihng to make my music better

this was kind of one of those tracks where you don't really try, you just make some sounds and make em fit - not much effort was put into this to be honest. but yeh ur right, and thanks for the review :D

maybe pelase check out my newest song - universal?
thx again

-DJ Zoysa

Of course it's good!

I'm guessing you'll want me to bump this one up as well? o3o

I quite like it indeed. Remixed remix, that's just like you. xP

I'm going to upload Dance of the Electrons to Youtube sometime soon when it's not such a hectic time at school. xP All the assignments have come out so early. :V

DJ-Zoysa responds:

not for me


tech - no
english - no
maths - no
manual drawings - yes
media - yes
drama - no

so yeh only 2/6 :P

Hey Zoys....

Hey man....

Well First off i have to say i am gonna listen to the Remix soon from where u
mixed it from.

But im wanna rate u stuff individually .....

So This track has some nice sounds to it... nice deep kick in the back.
Thattuneup at 1.40 Is Real Nice !! but... you made a energetic track here..u can pump that energy Way up...

Like make a Silence..a 3/4 beat very Deep..let the energy build up.. like a tension in a Movie ! the Splash that Synthesizer in !! What u did also worked but i think if
u listen more carefull u can Really give that Deeper Groove to it.

Besides that the track is good...nice Flowing areas..still have in mind that you
should use more background sounds.. not just a bass or Synthesizer.
This keep the whole area Filled..

PS: Don`t worry too much about getting a top 5, keep youre focus on your style and perfecting youre tracks, the rest will come by itself.

Greetz DJMontana

DJ-Zoysa responds:

hey montana,

thanks man what u said bout top 5 is so true. as i said to someone below, i am not compromising my style for top 5 placements, they are just an added bonus for me

yeh i still only have an fl8 demo, so everything i do has to be done in one hit, so i dont have much time to make songs the way i want them. I really need the full version :P

everything u said i agree with. I kinda just did this song for fun, and then i thought "hey this isnt that bad", so i uploaded it. it wasnt a full scale song xD

im gunna be uploading a preview of a song im gunna expand on shortly, check it out if u want ;D

wanna top charts!!

to top charts ma man u need more tune and crazy effects!

if u may have noticed!! chart toppers are mostly dance music so get a grip of that stuff

not a bad try though ...

make a breakdown in the song and distort the drums like hell! with a bit of a modified theme! slowly flanger or phase into a new theme!

DJ-Zoysa responds:

yeh but that kind of generic dance that always makes top 5 is not what i make....... im not going to sacrifice my unique style for the sake of a top 5 placement

anyway, thanks for the advice anyway

-DJ Zoysa

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4.08 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2009
7:59 AM EDT
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