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R Gaze

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Author Comments

little supported piano piece, had some trouble with distortion, but after a kind tip i managed to practicly remove the distortion, apparantly coming from a 'hot signal'

so, im sorry for submitting this twice ><

anyhoo, feedback is apreciated :)

[ edit ]

ive clarified the piano somewhat, especcially the high octave. I also edited the string that came in at .52 sec, and mastered the song a little better, adding stereo enhancer and cutting some reeverb at some points.



I'm sorry to be the first lowish grade on here :( I understand that you were setting a mood. Impressionistic music speializes in that, and that's what I consider myself leaning towards in my compositions, so here's my opinion.

The alberti base in the beginning set it up perfectly and had a lot of potential. The constant build up i thought wasnt as fulfilled as well as it couldve been at around :48, the added strings were nice, but why not elaborate on it? When using the alberti base, it's hard not to sound redundant, especially when using chords to exemplify a melody, i even have issues with that. I didn't think it worked too well in loop either. At :57, I wasn't sure where you were going with the ascension in the piano with the echo. In my opinion, it was monotonous. This would be a perfect intro to a longer piece though :) I suggest make a sequel in addition to this. You definately have something going here. Hopefully I didn't seem like a prick, if i did, sry :( Keep doin what you do dude.

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Rwinius responds:

hey this is exactly why i put my music here on newgrounds, to get some good critisizm and tips on how to improve my music :D thanks a bunch, thanks to you im gonna redo this song, longer, better. ill notify you when the next version is up. wheather you like it or not :p

In missing of something more

This sounds really good, but it's missing some more instruments or some vocals. Mastering and reverb has turned out find, and I like that you use violin at the end :)

Rwinius responds:

the violin is accually a flute ;)


yes , you worked alot to give this piece the right atmosphere.
its dark, mysterious, dramatic!...if you add drums it could even become a cool techno track!! I can feel it!! but's its already good and catchy this way ;)
good job my friend!! :)

Rwinius responds:

thanks alot :) im quite happy with the result, im happy you found the time to check it out ^^


The piano sounds much better.

If I can play the other end of the spectrum from Darthduba's post, I'd like to say that I wouldn't change a thing on the piano. I love the dark, muffled sound and think that its EQ makes this piece what it is. Some of the strings could use a little refining, I agree with that. The stereo enhancer would be nice.

In my opinion, don't touch the piano. That's why I favorited this track.


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Rwinius responds:

i chose the cut-off piano sound as a foundation for this song, i probably wont change alot, ill try out some effects though, and see how it plays out..

Thanks, once again, for your opinion, id be more than happy to notify you when the next version is up, if you like..

Ey oh lets review.

You aim for something specific imo. You wanna have a very atmospheric track. Piano and strings :)

I believe to start of you should redo some EQ. The piano is sometimes blurry under the strings, while it should be coming from underneath, loud and bright. I thing what you need to do is remove some reeverb and browse trough some ParametricEQ and Flangus presets and see what is best.

At one point ( lemme check ) at 0.52 you bring in a string, which I think is just raw sytrus. I could be wrong. You should remaster it a bit. Filter the strings so the pitches you which to play come out nicely. Stereo enhancer has a very nice preset for strings to make em sound more atmospheric without losing soundquality.

The melody is nice, good chord progression. Altho imo it gets boring after a while. ofc its sometimes hard to make variation in an ambient track.

Overall this was a pretty decent track, but I don't think you should be posting it yet. Try to bring up some mixersettings that make the song brighter then let me know trough a PM. I'll be glad to send you another review.

Greetz Duba
<Mods say I can't type stuff here or they delete the review>

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Rwinius responds:

wow. See, you people are the reason I come to this site :D thanks a whole bunch, this is something i can work with ^^

the only funny thing is, the synth at .52 is accually the same synth as the one that supports the piano from the beginning, its just a higher octave. I agree though, it just doesnt feel right..

the cut off piano sound is done on purpose, i might clarify it somewhat, but the song is practicly based on that muffled sound :) i like it ^^

ill be honored if you'd review the improved version, which will be up asap..

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4.06 / 5.00

Apr 29, 2009
12:23 PM EDT
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1.2 MB
1 min 21 sec

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