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In my spare time, I decided to go on FL Studio 8 and remix the awesome theme of Mortal Kombat. Since I'm a complete beginner at FL Studio, I didn't really manage to make it that awesome or anything, but I think it didn't come out that bad. I removed all of the percussion of the original song and made all the percussion myself. I tried to vary as much as I could, and I hope it fits all right with the song. I also completely changed the instruments, including a simple Syrtus Synth that I made myself, and over here I'd like to give all credit to Blackhole12 who made an eye-boggling guide on how to use Sytrus. You can access the first part of it by going on this URL (remove any spaces that might come up):
http://blackhole12.devian tart.com/art/Sytrus-Synth -Creation-Part-1-75704794

This guide is truly amazing and it'll get you using Sytrus in a matter of minutes. It helped me a LOT. Anyway, hope you like the song, and remember to vote and review :).


This right here is like the epitome of bad and overrated video game remixes on NG, haha. How is it even possible for so many people to like it and give it top marks? People are weird :P
The sytrus synths are a bit of an improvement since the last few songs, even if it sounds really stereotypically fruity loopy.

Step responds:

Dude I have no idea how people are giving me all these high scores. I was absolutely overjoyed when I was getting 10/10's and favourites at the time though. This was my first ever track that hit it off slightly in terms of popularity since the rest got minimal reviews.

Thanks for the feedback!

Nice track

hmmm now this does sound alot like mortal combat wich is cool because i loved the games and movie, haha great work with the {PIANO} yopu even mixed in your own style with the more softer feel moments then you really bring it up and power through the song so all and all a good theme of a song nice variation of your own style while still keeping touch with the main theme so awsome job there, a nice piece on one of my faves, now as to improve? hmm maybe more darker feel the keys seemed abit on the light side, other then that it was alright.

more darker theme to reflect the games and movies. maybe with deeper keys from the piano or something


Step responds:

Thanks for the review! I was hoping you could check out my newer songs rather than my old ones but I still appreciate the lengthy reviews! I agree that a darker theme would've been nice but unfortunately at the time I was limited with what sounds I could use. Thanks again!

Very Sexy.

Really nice loop here man, really great beat to it. keep it up :)

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Step responds:

Thanks, but it's not really that good lol. I did this like a year and a half ago xP. But thanks for the review nonetheless :D.

A decent remix and cacthy too!

This wasn't half bad! It was like a dance version! But you could do better you know.

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Step responds:

Oh yes I could do better. This was made AGES ago xP.

Thanks for the review!


it was actually pretty good, i enjoyed it to an extent, oh and LQQKsonicfan1 is a what what in the butt, so maybe add in a heavy bass or something badass in the begginning to make it a bit cooler, i know your probably not gonna edit it but just some future advice :D

--Bob the builder.... hehehehehe

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Step responds:

Actually pretty good? I seriously have no clue why people keep running into this song and enjoying it :P. I'd really like to make another mortal kombat remix with my current skills, but I'm blank of ideas for it... Oh well, thanks for the review, Bob! :D.

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