Baby grand piano.

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um... upon request of peeps n stuff. i made a little something for yaz all! so you better give me lots of money now :D:D:D it isnt really a song... rather a selection of ideas... which i hope to expand on and seperate into other songs too... so dont be surprised if you hear the riffs again in other songs.... the last bit is my favourite bit :D:D:D


Very Impressive

Piano music is so simple yet so easy to listen too, but yet can say so much without words or other rythums. This piece is fantasic, i could quite easily re-flect on life with this song. Certantly a thinking song, or a relaxing song depending on your mood.

Well done. :)

Btw what program did you use to make this? - and or equpment?

nice work,

hope to see you expand those riffs into songs, it doesnt really flow together as it is. like the pieces themselves do, but the ideas or emotions behind them don't. i like it though, its like a sampler of your great songs to come, and they're all so tasty. ;D

anyways, whats up? haha:P i said i'd keep in touch. :D so here i is. just looking into some more of your music. and re rating some 5s on some pieces. haha. well off to do some stuff, i expect a reply when i get back. :P


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Stalagmite responds:

yes it certainly is a series of different ideas. different emotions. i made 1:40 into a full composition on youtube that i am please with. (NGstalagmite)
i am fine dewd! thanks for the concern! hehe... it was a lovely surprise to see you reviewed me again lol.. i warn thee though, my work has a tendancy to shock... for instance, some one listens to a deep song, then go, "oh nice... whats this one then?
and it is about a singing sheep in bonzula delivering socks... yeah.. that bad lol.
:D well thanks for your review man! :D appreciate it. :D i am going to check you everytime i see you for new submissions! you better have one soon! lol. :D you take care now!
.......beaver out :D

Incinerates well.

I love a good piano. You're really awesome at making music too. I is quite jealous. Goes a little Wizard of Oz in the middle chunk, not a bad thing. Lalalalaal!

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Stalagmite responds:

THANKS! you wasted your precious time of LIFE on all these reviews your writing for me. lol. but truly kind words! i am pleased you enjoyde this composition. :D it is certainly one of my favourite pieces. =D

Just close the eyes....

This is a sit back and close the eyes after work to let go.. nice its warmth is pleasant like a friend.. you feel the world just go away for a bit. Simple in what it is yet fits a rich tapestry. One could wish this was 5mins longer.. just good stuff..

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Stalagmite responds:

why thanks brew! you have reviewed quite a lot of my work??? and that is wonderful and VERY generous =D thank you so much for your kindness.
i am sure i have spoken to you before =D i hope you are happy and healthy. :D
peace out man :D

My love for you grows deeper. . .

This piece was truly magnificent! I'm not even on my period and I felt so emotional listening to it. You really know how to set a mood. This would be wonderful for so MANY different settings. I only wish I were an animator and I would make something based on this song.
As for the different clips, I disagree. It sounds like one solid song to me, but what do I know, right? Heh heh heh *sits back, relaxing and thinks of love, fuzzy animals, the past, sad AND happy, and friendships new and old* I hope you and I can be friends too.

.........Take care, be good and keep evoking emotions.period

Stalagmite responds:

HAHA ZOMG! i thought perhaps your overuse of the word period was subconsciously suggesting you may be due the visit from aunty flow lol. but no, its just your hilarious style. i literally LOLd your comment. man you are an awesome writer. you should totally write comedy. =D and absolutely, i sense collabs in the mixing =D soon my precious. soon.

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