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*+*+Transformers The Movie+*+*

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Author Comments

my second song made in Reason - there are a few tiny parts that annoy me but w/e


so let's recap - it's been over a year now - chronamut no longer submits here, but he is uploading stuff other places, new remasters mixes etc- you can hear chronamut music now in 2 places:

1) Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/chronamut

2) Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/chronamut?sub_confirmation=1

continuing the experience..


*Scrambles for the volume dial*

Ow, my ears. Apart from the fact that it's extremely loud (proof: http://FastFreeFileHosting.com/file/3 3197/OMG-LOUDNESS-JPG.html ) and that I'm lucky enough not to have had headphones on when hearing this, I think this is a very cool remix, which I've never seen before - so I suppose you get points for originality. Great job, this sounds excellent.

The melodies are obviously not yours so I can't credit you for them, but I can credit you for your instrumentation. The instruments you used made the song sound very epic. I mean, wow, the original was already pretty epic, but this remix was downright out of this world. The instrument choice was very original. The guitar complimented the other instruments very well. That brass (?) sounded amazing, and the guitar was great quality. The bass you used (if you used any bass. These instruments altogether sound so creative and original that I can never be too sure :S) sounded really cool and fit awesomely with the song as well. Overall, you had a very good choice of instruments.

What would be really cool is if you add some well-timed vocal sample in a transition or something, maybe some voice that sounds like Optimus Prime or something saying 'More Than Meets the Eye' or 'Robots in Disguise' somewhere around 0:13 or 0:35. I doubt you can find some good vocal samples from the internet, but if you do, it'd really make those transitions more epic than they already are.

As for the transitions, some transitions felt a little off (especially towards the end) but overall the transitions were really epic, especially the one at 0:36-ish, since it switched from the main melody to the counter-melody really well. New instruments were introduced very well, and there was a cool buildup to the main melody from the intro.

As for the song structure, I liked that you changed around the structure of the original a little to add your own taste, although I would've liked to see more of the melody at 0:38, since it only played once throughout the whole song. Maybe it'd give you an excuse to make this longer, since this is a really short submission, however the variety is great. I just hate it when people don't vary songs because of the excuse that they're short and don't need variety, but over here, even though it's short, the variety was excellent.

The classic intro of a catchy olskool drum beat and then guitar really fit well in this submission. When I heard the intro, TBH, I thought this was going to be some lame jazz piece, but when the guitar came in I started doubting it, and then at 0:11 I was overwhelmed by the epic brass you introduced, along with the powerful guitar and drums. As for the ending, as I said above, the transition to it wasn't too good, and when it was getting to the final three note, the drums got very cluttered and I lost the song's rhythm. It is a pretty weird ending, so maybe using a different approach without making the song cluttered would be better.

The drums are out of this world. Samples were amazing, and they were just the right volume level: not enough to get in the way of the melodies, but just enough to be heard loud and clear. They also fit very well with the song, and your use of crash cymbals was very good, furthermore increasing the amazing epic-ness of the song. They were also decently varied as well, and just added to the great amount of variety of this song. Still, an alternate drum beat would do wonders to this song IMO. On the other hand, the main beat was great. So yeah, excellent job with the drums.

So, in general, this is a really cool remix. You had pristine instrumentation, epic transitions, decent structure that wasn't exactly like the original, awesome variety, superb drums and a good intro. Just work a bit on some of the transitions, making this longer, adding a bit more of the melody at around 0:38, fixing the ending a bit, and please, for the sake of my ears and those of any other listeners, TURN THE SONG DOWN!! Anyway, keep up the great work!
I'd download it, but I'm scared I'll go deaf :P.

-Review Request Club-

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Chronamut responds:

hahaha I didnt master any of my songs until like 2006 man - keep in mind this song IS 5 years old :)

also if I ever redid this song I think I would just entirely do it over. Also I used soundfonts - good olll' soundfonts :P - it kinda pisses me off that I made the main melody the backing and the accompaniment the main melody now that I listen to it..

ah well - glad you liekd this old song - and oh god - wall of text review - you don't have to write me novels :)

thanks for the review!



Freakin love this, fantastic remix, it also kinda reminds me of the music from megaman x games on the snes.

Chronamut responds:

yeah I guess a little..




thanks for the review!


This has to be..

The MOST FUCKING EPIC remix of the transformers theme...it sounded like G1 to me, great job man..

Chronamut responds:

hahaha suweet :P

thanks for the review!


ha ha

lol its cool as wit the oldskool bneat still there. keep that oldskool shit going

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Chronamut responds:

yupyup ^^

thanks for the review!


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4.39 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2005
6:22 PM EDT
Video Game
File Info
1.2 MB
1 min 19 sec

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