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Hey guys, I'm back with a little Drum N Bass track that I threw together as a break for my huge amounts of work with Hardcore. It's also a little something to show I'm not dead.

I didn't put too much effort into this, so don't expect too much, but it gets the sub moving and is an interesting listen. It's not full length, but I can't be arsed to put together a full Drum N Bass track.

Mixing instructions: Mix halfway into the intro, cue up the next track, and let 'er rip right when the main part of this starts. Beatmatch until after the swing section, then bring it up and cut mine off after 16 bars. Done. Or just do a cut instead. As I said before, I cba to do a real structure, so this will have to do.

For more serious submissions, check out (in a few days/weeks/months) Exxdee, at http://exxdee.newgrounds.
com (remove all spaces).

For now, enjoy, and tell me what you think!


Such Harsh Voting Score

I know this song is old and I am not going to be picky about anything. I thought the song was sick. Anyone else who gave it a low score probably does not like drum n bass imo. I see you are doing a lot of house music are you done with DnB?

Nav responds:

Hm, I dunno. I've been messing with some DnB but I don't have too much in the works. Maybe I'll see what I can do :D

Thanks for checking it out :)

Hey this is undderated alot!

this song is good it could just use some atmospherics, noise fx, little arps here and there, put more distortion on the bass id say and DEF ADD REVERB to bass, also work on the automation and eq that bass so it slides more up&down
hope this helps

Hey nice track

I read all the other reviews, and from what it sounds like, everyone (including yourself) seems to think there is something missing from this track. I personally think that whats missing would be little sound effects, just sort of shimmering, swirling things, and little echoey type noises here and there, obviously nothing over the top and annoying. Sometimes if they go unnoticed, then thats when they are really doing their job.

I dunno, thats just the impression I got from hearing the song. Good job though!

Nav responds:

Yep exactly what I think too, lol... I was just too lazy to put em in :P

Thanks for the review! :)


Well this is alright and I like it so I'm about to leave a serious review for it...
(I NEVER leave serious reviews, consider yourself lucky and PREPARE TO LEARN!)

I would have arranged and composed this much differently, adding a much more powerful build and some low frequency sub-bass/reese thing that comes in with a better kick-in.

If I was to remix this it would be way more powerful over all and probably peak mastered.

The whole track needs something more to it though, its all kind of empty and thin/un-full sounding.
- Theres a better word for what I'm describing here I just can't think of it.

The kick-in is ok but ehh, could have done better there.
- I don't like how you buzzed it either, thats more of a Trance thing IMO.


Has a dark, "ominous" and somewhat jungle-like feel, if you were going for this, then you did good, if you weren't, then you fail.

Intro and post-breakdown chimes are good.
- They really create the feel I was talking about above, that and the strings/pads.

Intro drums were good.
- They really fit well with the song

Main drums were nice and punchy
- The punchiness Is good for this kind of feel IMO.
- I like em.

Breakdown at 1:26 was real nice, would have added a stronger and slightly different bass though.
- It was good but didn't have much energy.
- Like I said above whole song is kind of thin and un-full sounding.

That low frequency watery-like arp in the background that comes in at 0:42.
- Really adds to the feel I described above.

I like how you had 2 sets of samples for the intro drums, one for the loop and one for the build.
- This type of variety is good in drum 'n bass.

The strings/pads in the background in the intro and after the breakdown are dark and creepy and add to the feel described above.

Like that half-time drum breakdown you did after the main breakdown.
- I love breakdowns like these.

Like how you did that bit after the break down, it really slow downs good.
- I wouldn't have started the hat back up then faded it out though.
- ^ this makes people think there will be a second break down then pisses them off when theres a shitty fade-out.
- ^^ If not for the time about to end and the volume already in its first phase of fading-out I would have thought there was another breakdown coming.

The mastering is pretty good, it has a smooth feel to it.
- I like this.

The mixing is good as well, the sounds all fuse really well.
- Good job with this.

The composition is good, the song flows well.
- Like I said though, I would have done it slightly different and with a different build.

Just not noticed that sub-bass playing in the breakdown, fits well and fills the reese good.
- This is good, adds mass to the breakdown and supports the song overall.


Your drum fills were pretty lame, but they did fit the somewhat un-powerful and un-energized feel the song had.
- I don't like them though.

Your builds were short, weak and had a somewhat Trance-like feel with the buzz of the kick notes at the end (or climax) of the build.
- That really dissapointed me.

As I have stated a lot before, the song is really thin and pretty un-full/weak all around.
- Had potential to be really great, and I could see this being 10/10 for sure.

Outro was shitty of course. (I think you knew this when you made it lol)
- A punchy-like and un-expected outro with would have probably fit better with this song.

As I said before, the hats starting before the sound fades out is probably not smart because it confuses the kind of tricks and disappoints the listener.


I originally was gonna give this song a 3/5 / 7/10 but after listening to it more throughly and several times I decided it was well worth what I am giving it now.

I would love to/probably will remix this later.

I would write a bit more but unfortunately I have used all my characters.

Nav responds:

1) I agree. It was a pretty half-assed effort, so yes, I didn't spend time on the drum fills.

2) Hm, I never thought of a kick-fill as being trance-like, but I guess I can reconsider. Once again, I agree with this bullet: it was, as I stated, half-assed :P

3) Yeah, I knew from the beginning that it was missing something. I wasn't sure what, it just detracts, know what I mean?

4) Hahaha, I just did a fadeout because I'm too lazy to do a real outro.

5) Hm didn't think of that, I guess it's true though. I can take em out.

Thanks for the review ;), I'll send the files over AIM if you want to remix.


Sure is a lot of zero voting going on lately. Good thing we have millions of fans and are untouchable gods on this tiny website called newgrounds. Peons will bow before our might and hand over 10 fives for every zero. Yes sir. Gods.

Since you can't be arsed into making a full dnb track I won't feel arsish to leave a blatantly non-helpful review. Besides, you know more than me. I just look prettier.

Nav responds:


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Drum N Bass
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