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The Troops Assemble!

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NOTE: This is the second upload of this song. The first one I made was a bit dull so i decided to upload a newer version. Not much has changed though.

This is a slow, epic piece that I wrote on my 13th birthday. I wrote it as a song that would be played as a vast army marches into battle as the sun rises. Please give me feedback so I can improve my techniques.

All Criticism is helpful. I need to know what is lacking in my music.

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After listening to this piece on loop for awhile, I realized why this song brought on so much nostalgia! It reminds me of the Sarge's Heroes theme for N64 and PS1 (and the only-in-your-dreams-cast).

1) I would suggest that you extend the beginning and add a crescendo to the part where at 0:25 where the bells come in and the rest of the band stops so that there's more build up to the stark contrast of a full orchestra at fortissimo and silence with only the reverberations of the bell.

2) The piece feels a little empty in places. In band our teacher would always stress the balance of parts to be akin to a pyramid. Tubas, lower brass, and low woodwinds at the base, saxophones and french horns in the middle, and flute, piccolo, clarinet, and oboe at the top. For example, at 0:18 those trombones come out of nowhere, but they are either piano in the beginning or nonexistent. If the piece went from piano to forte at that part it might sound better, but as it stands now, it sounds like you're cutting out a section and putting it in later because the trumpets and percussion are too loud to make any musical difference at that point. A good example in your piece is 0:23 to 0:45 where the sound is nice and rounded, no one part is sticking out and the harmony of it makes it actually sound louder than what it might actually be.

3) Depending on whether you want this piece to loop or to have definite beginnings and ends is up to you, but I believe that a piece such as this should have a defined structure to it. Something to make the audience feel something. Whether it's joy, sorrow, fear, excitement, or curiosity, the goal of any piece of music is to invoke an emotional response from the listener and connect to them in some way. What does war mean to you? What SHOULD war mean? As I listen to this, I'm imagining my grandfather marching on the Germans with the 442nd at his side. Maybe instead of the glory and victory of the allies, you could depict the hubris of the axis, slowly winding down and accepting defeat at the hand of an enemy they thought inferior?

Anyway, that's just my two cents on your piece. Remember, this is YOUR music and you can do whatever YOU want with it. If you feel pressured to conform to my dumb little thoughts, only do it if YOU truly think it would make your music and you better. Just keep making music, the rest will come naturally. (Besides, this is better than anything I can make.)
Keep up the good work
-Leetthief 3.5/5


I believe your brass does not sound good enough to make it the loudest instrument

it sounds like an ff game in the first 10 seconds, which I loved. so well done. After that it seemed like the brass just trailed off and you didn't really have any melody/tune in mind before clicking down notes

It sounds a little dry, but overall I like it
nice work

Tombor911 responds:

Thanks for listening!

Nice work

It could be also used for a castle theme, or an escape from a castle of some kind.

Tombor911 responds:

Yeah thats a great idea!


Beginning needs wurk. -.- ...work

Its okay, though it could have a bit more of a serious tone near the beginning.. It seems like the kind of kiddy joke military until 0:23 then it turns into gold. Again, if it was more serious with the trumpet then it would be even better but until then its just 'Okay'.

Tombor911 responds:

Wow thanks for the feedback it really helps!!!

Check out my other pieces =)



I think the temple's heart is better, as you can tell you used vsts here, but it is a very catchy song. Great! Keep it up! :)

Tombor911 responds:

Hehe thanks connor


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