Walk Before Running

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umm yeah dont have much to say on this one.. Probally one of most hardcore songs to date... also probally has the least amount of instruments used..

Starts out slow.. builds up.. goes slow again and then takes off again..

Hope you enjoy =)


You review me and I review you



i liked the build up at the start a lot I don't really think the breakdown into compterised sounds is how i would have continued however i liked the variation and this song is quite good

Mushroomhead18nc responds:

thanks man

Really Cool...

It has been a few days since I've been on Newgrounds, so my review juice is flowin' like a river my friend! So be prepared for an awesome review on this song. ;-)

First off, I'm not a trance/dance fan, but I'm not gonna hold that against you. That being said, let us move onto the actual song in this review.

I love the different synth sounds you created/used here. They have a very nice quality to them, and really mesh well as a group. And that is very important because trance and dance music is all about bitchin' beats and massive layers.

Which leads me to my biggest issue with this song. There does not seem to be very many layers in this song. You do use a number of different effects and synths, but they all just kind of take each other's place in the song. This means that the buildup is lacking. Adding layers will greatly help this problem.

Now, I think you have great melody lines going on, and even a few counter melodies at times. But you need something more along the lines of harmony. Some warm and soothing pads in the near distant background would be great. Some soft strings would also do the trick. But there just needs to be some sort of glue that holds everything together in my opinion.

The percussion is pretty cool. They all sound pretty decent, with maybe the exception of the kick. I'm not a fan of the kick at all really, but that could just be me. So take it or leave it as you will, it is only my opinion.

I like the piano moment. It really has that "real" quality that creates a wonderful break from the mind numbing thumping going on during the rest of the song. I'm not sure if I like it in the beginning though. It just does not seem to fit to me, but that is probably just something I should live with. :-P

I personally believe this song could really use some more bass. I really liked it in the beginning when the bass was really prevalent. I think the bass is possibly the most under and misused instrument of all time. So many people mix it right out of a song, and I really hate that. I really feel like that is what happened here. Because I do not seem to hear much bass action going on at all.

The ending is really weak if you ask me. I'm not much of a fan for fade-outs. I've always been of the opinion that people use fade-outs because they can not write appropriate endings to their songs. The only time I like fade-outs is when they fit some sort of storyline. Or if the song is rather ambient, and it just fades away. But for dance tunes, I'm not a fan of fade-outs at all.

Also, there is MASSIVE emptyiness at the end of the song. Just a bunch of blank space, and that should really be fixed.

Overall, this isn't bad. I'm hoping this review gave you some ideas to work on in the future. But overall, this is not a bad tune at all. Nothing I would typically listen to, but still not bad at all.

4/5 and 8/10 overall. Nice work here bud.


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Mushroomhead18nc responds:

appreciate the review..

The piano could be takin out in the beginning but I liked it so I left it.. the bass is correct it does get drowned out but its so low you wont hear it without a subwoofer anyway...

Im not big into making alot of layers.. because me personally I think songs sound way better with lesser instruments.. if theres 5melodies going on at one time.. which one do ya listen to???

I completely agree with the fade out comment and your right I put a fade on it because it was an easy ass way to end the song and I do while im in Cool Edit pro.. so its easier.. this song didnt have a lot of time put into it.. maybe 2 to 2.5hours in the tune.. which isnt bad considering some songs ive done Ive had about 9+ hours into and they dont sound that great.. also I wrote this song with no meaning at all.. so it doesnt have any emotion in it really..

Listen to my song Never Understand
or Hope is Never Lost and you'll get the emotion part with the piano..

I do appreciate the review here because it does help me out and it also helps me figure out what the majority of the people want to hear.. for ex you mentioned my kick drum.. I personally like it but dont love it.. and someone else mentioned the kick drum.. so my next song will be focused more on better sounding percussion but alot of that is due to 1.. I have no plugins for that and 2. Im not great at adding effects to a stock kick to make it beefy.. one guy below me said it was a rubbery kick which is true and I use the same kick drum in all of my techno/trance songs..

But I appreciate the long ass review haha..

Not bad..

The beginning was really calming, then it went into some really nicely done faster-paced stuff. The only think I'd suggest is making the transition a bit more smooth.. Otherwise, great song.

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Mushroomhead18nc responds:

I agree but I got stuck with that part haha so I added the next best/easiest thing.. a crash lol

Slightly distorted kick

Although the start doesnt really fit with rest of the song both elements are good, if a little repetitive. the main synth sounds a little cheap but the melodies are very good.the clap also seems to be distorting a little with kick but it doesnt sound that bad! nice work though, these are just little niggles! im sure youll improve on this loads! 5/5 8/10


Mushroomhead18nc responds:

synth sounds cheap because all im using at the moment is Z3ta and vanguard for gates and then some sytrus for background effects.. Z3ta doesnt have many good actual Hardcore/Trance sounds in it.. more of that Hippy Techno sounds in there lol but still better than the sytrus leads


Most of the synths sound a bit plain and/or cheap. You're using FL right? I don't have any tips for that program. And the buildup doesn't really fit with the rest of the song. That clap sounds awfull... Sorry to say... Very standard. You did good work at the melodies though...

4/5, 8/10


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Mushroomhead18nc responds:

YEah im usin fruity loops but for all my sounds they come either Z3ta or Vanguard for the gates.. only thing used from fl is the bass,piano and drums.. Yeah the claps could have been better but I didnt want a snare hit in there and wanted to change it up a bit and not make it repetitve.. I could back now and make this song a little better just by doing some of the things people have suggested.. This is why I love newgrounds...

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